SŽDC Launched Minor Repairs of Stations in Morava, Slezsko and Vysočina


By taking over the management of stations in summer this year, Správa železniční dopravní cesty launched preparation and realization of the most necessary reparation works by the end of this year. Almost forty station buildings in Morava, Slezsko and Vysočina will be improved for almost 52 million crowns. It is usually about repairing the facades, roofs and replacing of doors or windows. The administrator of railways also plans to launch complete reparations of stations in Lipník nad Bečvou, Kuřim and Břeclav next year.

In Morava-Silesia Region, SŽDC plans to complete the construction works in Třinec. „In May this year, České dráhy opened the reconstructed station building in Třinec. But the original project did not include the adjustment of commercial space. By the end of the year, we want to initiate a completion of plastering, plumbing and floor tiles in the first part of the unrepaired area worth a total 2.7 million crowns to be able to offer them for rent next year. Next year, we want to continue to invest in the remaining spaces“, says Mr. Gabriel Jursa, Director of the Passenger Stations’ Administration Olomouc. ”Within three regions, namely Morava-Silesia, Olomouc and Zlín Region, where we manage the stations, we have already begun or will begin to repair approximately three dozens of buildings in the coming days, including project preparation, worth a total nearly 35 million crowns“, adds Mr. Jursa.

The station building in Ostrava Vitkovice is in unsatisfactory state. The building was declared as a cultural monument which significantly limits the possible modifications of the greatly oversized object. Damaged glazing, doors and lighting of a side entrance require an immediate correction for 1.65 million crowns. Glazing of walls to the overpass will also be replaced. At Ostrava main station roofs are being repaired as well as a part of floors and lighting in the lobby. Newly built elevators in the hall and on platforms will serve passengers since February. Facade has been repaired in Nový Jičín město, Háj ve Slezsku, Svinov, Opava východ and Lipová Lázně. Station buildings in Náves, Hranice na Moravě, Kojetín, Olomouc město and Olomouc-Nová Ulice will receive new windows or doors. Thus, the most expensive is a complete replacement of windows in Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště worth nearly 1.5 million crowns.

”In South Morava and Vysočina, we plan to implement or initiate repairs by the end of December in the amount of approximately 17 million crowns“, says Mr. Luboš Křivánek, Director of the Passenger Stations’ Administration Brno. He further clarifies: “A roof repair in Rousínov for 2.5 million crowns is one of the most expensive ones and has been taking place since November. We want to finish it next year. In Podivín there we have completely reconstructed public toilets for 1 million crowns and in Ivančice we have been repairing the facade which will require approximately 1.4 million crowns."

In Zastávka u Brna and Blansko, reparation of an entrance door into the lobby was carried out. At Jihlava station, paint of a shelter will be improved and equipment of public toilets has been enhanced. Near the train station in Žďár, an adjacent parking lot for cars is being repaired. Moreover, there is a reconstruction of the waiting room in Rozsochatec, public toilets in Kostelec near Jihlava, floors in waiting rooms in Kobylí in Morava and Strážnice and of entrance doors of waiting rooms in Moravský Písek and Velká nad Veličkou.

Within the transfer, SŽDC has taken over project documentation for several upcoming buildings with valid building permit. Initiation of a complete modernization will occur for station buildings in Břeclav, Kuřim, Lipník nad Bečvou and Přerov next year. Expected costs amount to 116 million crowns.


As of 1 July 2016, SŽDC is the owner of 1,575 railway station buildings throughout the whole Czech Republic having purchased these from České dráhy for a sum of 3.31 billion Czech crowns. Contrary to the original owner, SŽDC will be able to draw financial resources for their repairs from EU funds as well. While preparing a list of buildings which need reconstruction the most urgently, it took into consideration both the buildings’ technical state and the degree of reconstruction technical preparation as already elaborated by the original owner. This year, it plans to start construction and repair work on eighty stations for approximately 166 million crowns.


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