Required repair work launched in the track section Praha Smíchov – Radotín



Prague, 3rd May 2012 – the railway section between Prague – main station and Beroun is one of the busiest lines in the Czech Republic. The line is frequently used for long-distance passenger and freight transport as well as for suburban passenger basic interval traffic. SŽDC as the rail operator has therefore prepared a complex of required repair work of the most timeworn sections. Traffic closures start on Friday, 4th May.

The repair work will focus on the replacement of the worn-down sleepers, switches and on machine tamping of Radotínské gridiron and the 1st and 2nd track in the operating control post Praha Smíchov. The machine tamping will also be applied on heavily exposed spots under the open line track in the track section Praha Smíchov – Praha Radotín; switches in the passing loop Praha Vyšehrad will be repaired. The repair work, which will be completed on 22nd May, will result in enhanced traffic parameters and particularly in enhanced safety and reliability of the fully used line.

In cooperation with the organizer of Prague Integrated Transport (ROPID), necessary traffic measures have been taken - ensuring alternate bus transport during the traffic closure. Certain long-distance routes in passenger transport will be guided on an alternate road via railway station Praha Krč. However, at least the single-line traffic operation will be maintained while the work is carried out; some tasks will be carried out during track possessions at night.

Timetables of traffic closures will be put up in relevant stations in the track section Hořovice – Beroun, in the track section Praha hl. n. – Úvaly as well as in stations České Budějovice, Protivín, Březnice, Příbram, Cheb, Mariánské Lázně, Planá u Mariánských Lázní, Klatovy, Plzeň hl. n., Rokycany and at train stops and the passengers can also be informed about the latest traffic situation through SŽDC´s online information system.

In connection with the machine tamping tasks we need to alert to a higher level of noise near the line. However, the repair work will bring the same benefit as last year, which is the reduced noise level of rail transport. Thank you for understanding.


Basic data  
1. open line track Praha-Radotín – Praha-Smíchov – absolute track possession during 4. – 14. 5. 2012

2. open line track Praha-Smíchov - Praha-Radotín- absolute track possession

Radotínské station approach limits and a part of the gridiron of 2nd track in the operating control post Praha-Smíchov
during 14. – 22. 5. 2012
Repair of switches in railway station Praha Smíchov
and passing loop Vyšehrad
Repair of 17 switches, replaced – 1,203 sleepers, clamps, LIS, welding of rail string, checking the stagger and regulation of the overhead contact line


Timetable of allternate transport valid during working days 4. – 21. 5. 2012
Praha Smíchov 5:38 6:08 6:38 7:08 7:38 8:08
Praha Radotín 5:53 6:23 6:53 7:23 7:53 8:23
Praha Radotín 6:09 6:39 7:09 7:39 8:09 9:14
Praha Smíchov 6:29 6:59 7:29 7:59 8:29 9:34


Praha-Radotín – outside the station building at 165 bus stop
Praha-Smíchov – outside the station building at the departure stop for buses PID 317, 318, 320, 321, 334

Arrival of buses at both bus stops ca 5 minutes before departure. The alternate transport is provided by the Prague Public Transport Company. One articulated bus will be used for each bus service.


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