Festive completion of the project Optimization of the line Beroun - Zbiroh


Zdice, 25thMay 2012 – Another significant section of III Railway Transit Corridor is completed. The main objective
of the construction was to adapt the earthworks and to carry out track lining and levelling incl. directional shifts
in order to enhance the speed and safety of railway traffic while achieving qualitatively higher parameters in terms
of compatibility and obstruction clearance. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. The project for nearly CZK 4.8 bn was implemented by the association
of contractors Skanska, EUROVIA CS and Viamont DSP.



„The Optimization of the line Beroun – Zbiroh“ is part of the complex of independent constructions which are implemented
in the priority part of  III Railway Transit Corridor during the period 2006 – 2016. Petr Šlegr, SŽDC´s Deputy DG for Rail Modernization commented on the completed project: "The implemented optimization ensures the line speed of 100 - 120 km/hour for standard train units and up to 160 km/hour for tilting boxes. The optimization of the relevant section resulted in time savings for individual train types of about 10 minutes. The main benefit lies in the achieved compatibility of rail vehicles of line class D4 UIC and loading gauge UIC – GC."Extensive adjustments and reconstructions were also carried out on artificial structures; compared
to the original state, the line has been noticeably aligned including one tunnel relocation. Excavated tunnel Osek is 324 m long.
A number of bridge structures were reconstructed; the level crossings on the line got a higher-level protection and a new overhead contact line was installed.  

Jindřich Topol from Skanska observed on behalf of the association of contractors that „thereconstructions were carried out
in the layout of the current line as well as to a great extent for more than 7,5 km beyond the existing earthworks and trackbed construction. From the civil engineering perspective it is basically a completely new section of the line, which makes the project even more exciting:“
The alignment of curves  helped to achieve the objective to enhance the line speed. The whole section
of the construction is electrified with AC traction system of 25 kV 50 Hz. In the open line section Beroun – Zdice on km 41,078 (outside the construction) there is a connection of traction systems – DC 3 kV and AC 25 kV, 50Hz. The signalling installation is
of 3rd category - relay type, remotely controlled from the traffic control place in Pilsen.

Passengers can also enjoy better comfort. New platforms are built in stations and train stops; their platform edge is 550 mm over the top of rail in order to allow a comfortable entry and exit; the access to trains is barrier-free. Railway stations Zdice, Hořovice and train stop Praskolesy are equipped with new subways. The new subway in Zdice is connected to an exit ramp includingthe pavement towards the city. The construction also focuses on new technology equipment – mainly representing a newup-to-date telecommunication and signalling installation to enhance the safety of the railway traffic. Along the whole line there are new cables that interlink the whole system of train and traffic control into one central workplace in Prague. The construction
of the telecommunication equipment also includes the installation of electric fire alarm in relevant stations, electrical signalling, camera surveillance system, station announcement system etc. The construction also focused on the installation of noise walls
in ca 6,5 km long section, in compliance with the requirements of sanitary standards and regulations.

The project documentation was developed by METROPROJEKT Praha, joint-stock company; a competitive tendering selected
the contractor „Association SKANSKA – SSŽ – VIAMONT DSP“ represented by Skanska, EUROVIA CS, and VIAMONT DSP.

 The funds for this project were granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFTI) and an application for co-funding within the Operational Programme Transport was submitted to the European Commission. The contribution from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union may represent 73.7 % of the eligible cost, i.e. up to CZK 3,388,297,234. The investment cost totals CZK 4,772,100,000.


Selected data about the construction

Optimization of Beroun - Zbiroh
Length of optimized section 24 km
Construction start 2008
Construction completion 2012
Railway bridges reconstructed 19
Island platform 900 m
Side-boarding platform 340 m
Reconstruction of level crossings 4


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