SŽDC Has Improved Line Parameters from Ostrava to Havířov


Ostrava-Kunčice, 13 December 2016 – Správa železniční dopravní cesty has improved parameters of the line from Opava východ to Český Těšín in the section Ostrava-Kunčice-Havířov. The main objective of the project was putting it into a technical state corresponding to European parameters and standards.  

“The greatest benefit of construction works on the line 321 is especially increased travelling comfort and operation safety.
The realization of the project has enabled enhanced line speed in this section up to 100 kph, which is positively reflected by a shortening of journey times.” said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of Správa železniční dopravní cesty.

 “Within the construction there a complete exchange of tracks and a reconstruction of the dewatering system were made. At Šenov stop we have modified a platform and installed new lighting in order to increase passenger safety.” said Mr. Vladimír Kotrík, Project Manager of Skanska. Bridges, culverts and the overhead line along with rail structures have undergone visible modifications. An extensive clean-up of ditches together with a renewal of their functions were also made.

In accordance with the Operational Programme Transport Priority Axis I objective, which is an improvement of railway transport on the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T, higher transport availability was achieved as well as railway transport quality for the transport prospective extent.

The estimated total cost of the construction under the name Line 321 Opava východ – Ostrava – Havířov – Český Těšín, Section Ostrava-Kunčice – Havířov made CZK 502,865,337 without VAT. The project was approved for co-financing by the European Union within the Operational Programme Transport. The planned amount of the contribution from the Cohesion Fund represents up to CZK 382,323,909. National financing was secured by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The contractor was the company Skanska.


Construction Designation Line 321 Opava východ – Ostrava – Havířov – Český Těšín,
Section Ostrava-Kunčice – Havířov
Construction Investor Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Suppliers Skanska a.s.
Skanska SK a.s.
Term of launch 09/2015
Term of completion 11/2016
Total construction costs CZK 502,865,337 (VAT excluded)
Approved EU contribution CZK 382,323,909



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