Lysá - Milovice in electric operation


Festive launch of electric operation in the railway section Lysá nad Labem – Milovice

Lysá nad Labem, 10/12/2009 – Electric trial operation related to the Electrification of the line Lysá nad Labem – Milovice was festively launched. The main feature of this construction is the electrification of the section to meet the need to put through trains into operation – (electric units) from Prague to Milovice and back. With the new train traffic timetable (13th December), it will thus provide maximum comfort and shorter travelling time for passengers commuting from Milovice to the capital. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General said: "The line electrification markedly enhances attractiveness and competitiveness of the railway passenger transport in the region. The significance of this construction is also enhanced by the fact that the number of Milovice population has increased tenfold in recent years and vast majority of the inhabitants use the railway transport." The reconstructed section is 5.07 km long. The line is currently equipped with a contact line system based on the model system "J" with a DC voltage of 3 kV. The construction begins on km 0.63 at the station head of the railway station Lysá nad Labem and ends on km 5,7 at the station head of the railway station Milovice. The line speed has been made uniform at 70 km/h along the whole section. In the railway station Milovice necessary track adjustments and dismantling of the current track no. 1 for building a new platform at the current track No. 3 were performed. The platform was extended to the length of 200 m and levelled to 550 mm above the top of rail (to allow the passengers a more comfortable access and exit). The access to the platform was modified as well.

In the railway section Lysá nad Labem – Milovice the railway superstructure was completely reconstructed for the type S49 with elastic fastening. There was also more distinct track lining and levelling.

6 level crossings were reconstructed on km 0,713, 1,204, 1,490, 2,944, 4,380 and 5,274. 7 existing culverts and one railway bridge on km 4,672 were reconstructed.

The current switching station has been fully reconstructed within the construction. Other signalling and communication equipment and the long-distance control equipment have been placed in adapted rooms of the current station and technological buildings.

Noise protection measures are applied on the basis of an acoustic study solely by individual measures (windows replacement) in the railway station Milovice. Under the line electrification and construction work, a new signalling and communications equipment including long-distance line control was installed and power-circuit wiring and crossing spots of the low-and high-voltage network were reconstructed.

The construction completion is planned according to the working schedule for February 2010. The contractor was selected from a tender and it is an association of companies called Sdružení Lysá – Milovice. The association members are Elektrizace železnic Praha a. s. (chief member),  Chládek & Tintěra a. s. and GJW Praha, spol. s r. o. Also, Viamont DSP, joint-stock company was substantially involved in the implementation with its construction work on the railway superstructure and substructure.

Total costs of the construction implementation amounted to CZK 264 336 466. Financial means were provided by the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure. The whole project was, however, substantially co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport. The maximum sum provided by the European Union amounted to CZK 221 330 720, which represents 83.94% of the total eligible costs.

Technical information

  • Line load class: D4

Passing clearance

  • On the line: Z-GC
  • In the railway station Milovice: Z-GČD

Railway superstructure

  • Type S49: 4 100 m


  • Railway station Milovice: 200 m


  • Built-up space: 647 m3

CLS installation

  • Total length of the contact line system: 5 450 m

Railway bridges, culverts and underpasses

  • Railway bridges – reconstruction: 1
  • Culverts – reconstruction: 7
  • Culverts – demolition: 1

Noise protection measures

  • Individual noise protection measures: ca 3 objects

Level crossing reconstruction

  • Six level crossings reconstructed under the construction.

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