A New Repaired Station Building Serves Passengers at Modřice


The railway station at Modřice, being an important change node of integrated transport in South Moravia Region, acquired a new shape in the last few months Today, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) handed over a symbolic key of the repaired passenger building to the city representatives. Construction works for a price of approximately CZK 5.5 million started last October and lasted till the end of this June.

This station, situated in the immediate vicinity of the South Moravia capital, fulfils an important function in suburban transport. 1,300 passengers in average pass through it when coming by regular and fast trains. Now they have a shining railway station at their disposal, being a quite opposite of the old grey passenger building, explains Mr. Tomáš Drmola, Deputy Director General of SŽDC for Assets Management.

Works on the ground floor passenger building included complex repairs of the building as well as a part of internal premises. The old plain tile was replaced by a new one from glazed ceramic. Truss construction was also repaired while exchanging defective parts and the overhead floor was insulated. Chimneys were repaired; some of them not needed were put out of order. The roof includes also a completely repaired lightning conductor system. Plumber components, gutters and drainpipes were also repaired.

The original eroded plaster was removed from the facade, the backing was levelled and a new plaster was applied. The old ceramic plinth cladding was replaced by a new compact material from marmolite. Windows, doors and ledges were exchanged in the whole building. The old uneven paving was dismantled within inner premises and replaced by a new one from ceramic tiles, plasters and electrical installations were repaired including small restoration and painting within public lavatories which had been repaired earlier. Loudspeakers and old lighting devices were exchanged in the building as well.

More passenger buildings are being currently reconstructed in South Moravia Region Works in Kuřim are almost completed; the passenger building in Břeclav is also being reconstructed, thus partly re-acquiring its historical shape.


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