Construction of Railway Line to Airport Will Bring Almost 1,400 Parking Places in Central Bohemia


Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) develops not only railway transport but influences indirectly road transport as well. Modernization of the line Prague – Kladno with a connection to Václav Havel Airport includes opening 1,374 new parking places of the P+R (park + ride) type in Central Bohemia communities along this route. Together with the modernization as such, these important supporting investments will help decreasing road traffic and strengthen change connections to railway transport between the Kladno region, the area west of Prague and its centre.

The most important parking area extension can be expected in Hostivice where SŽDC plans a construction of two P+R parking areas with a total capacity of 461 places. Hundreds of more parking places will be opened in Jeneč (256), Kladno (273) and near the Malé Přítočno railway stop which will be replacing Unhošť Station (384). Moreover, all these communities are connected to the motorway D6; the new parking areas together with the line modernization with also alleviate Prague of vehicles coming from north-western Bohemia and other regions.

”Prague 6 District recently extended the “blue zones” which helped its local inhabitants but came as a disservice to inhabitants of Central Bohemia who commute to this city part for employment or studies. I am very pleased that we will be of assistance with this problem while constructing a railway line to the airport. Prague is currently struggling with a strong flow of cars from Central Bohemia, especially during morning hours and the situation will get even worse in the future. Needless to say that the area between the biggest city in Central Bohemia and Prague belongs to the most heavily used ones. Our task is to maximize possibilities for people to change from road cars to trains in this agglomeration as well“, explains Mr. Mojmír Nejezchleb, SŽDC Deputy Director General for Infrastructure Modernization.

Two parking places, P+R South and P+R North, will be opened near the Hostivice railway station. While the southern parking place will reach a capacity of 252 places and will serve especially local inhabitants, the northern one will include 209 places and will be appreciated above all by drivers arriving on the D6 motorway.

P+R parking areas in Jeneč are designed in a similar way. 41 places for local inhabitants will be established south from the trackage; this capacity can be increased in the future. 215 places for passengers from Hostouň, Dobrovíz and other villages connected to the D6 motorway will be opened north of the trackage.

The northern parking place in Malé Přítočno with a capacity of 33 places and a possibility of further extension will serve vehicles from the villages Malé and Velké Přítočno. The southern P+R will be connected directly to the grade-separated crossing Unhošť and will provide 351 places.

In Kladno, the project takes into account a construction of a P+R parking place as well as a B+R (bike + ride) one. In the immediate vicinity of the railway station Kladno město, it will be possible to stand off 46 cars and 84 bikes. The second area will be providing 227 places for parking; 8 of these will be designed for people with reduced mobility and orientation.

K+R (kiss + ride) parking places for short stops will be established at selected railway stops.

The objective of the Prague – Kladno line modernization with a connection to Václav Havel Airport is to transform the current railway into a modern double-track and electrified corridor and to build a branch from Praha-Ruzyně Station to the international airport. During peaks, it will be possible to dispatch 6 pairs of regular and fast trains per hour from the centre of Prague to the airport. Prague will thus become one of the few metropolitan cities in Europe allowing passengers to reach the airport from the city centre in 30 minutes.

Within the project implementation, SŽDC is currently dealing as a priority with engineering activities, looking for compromise solutions of unclear or problematic issues especially in densely built-up areas as well as plans’ overworking. The investor has already submitted a request for a territorial proceedings decision concerning the modernization of line sections Praha-Bubny – Praha-Výstaviště, Praha-Ruzyně – Kladno and Kladno – Kladno-Ostrovec.


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