The line from Pardubice to Hradec Králové acquires a second track


Stéblová, 21 November 2014 – A Director’s Control Day took place today on the construction launched this year on the line from Pardubice to Hradec Králové. It had as objective to evaluate the state of works and to inform the participants with the prospective for the period to follow. This operation is going to be co-financed by the European Union from its Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport.



A heavily-used single-track line between two regional centres in Eastern Bohemia will acquire a second track after the completion of works in the line section Stéblová (included) – Opatovice nad Labem (outside); besides that, the current line main track and outlying railway Stéblová will be completely reconstructed. Line safety installations will be also modernised up to the railway station Pardubice-Rosice nad Labem and on the sidings leading to the premises of Opatovice power plant

Introducing a second track will enable passing trains in the opposite direction in the Stéblová – Opatovice nad Labem section instead of the current waiting in places of crossing. Thanks to this, any possible delay will be less reflected between connecting trains and the basic interval timetable will be better observed. Current running speed of 100 km/h will increase up to 160 km/h thanks also to the use of new tracks on concrete sleepers. Narrow switch points will be installed at the beginning and at the end of the double-tracked section so that trains can run at speeds of 120 km/h there. Given the planned trains’ speed, all crossings will be newly secured by electronic equipment with complete barriers.

After the completion of construction works, the current Opatovice nad Labem railway station will not be serving to passengers anymore and it will be replaced by a stop of the same name which will be constructed closer to the community. Passengers will appreciate here an elevated platform to board trains and get off the trains comfortably, similarly to railway stations Čeperka and Stéblová. New shelters will not only protect them from bad weather but also provide them space for storing bicycles. Installed lighting in the station and at the stops will allow access at decreased visibility conditions as well. At the same time it will be equipped with a new radio and information system; a new camera system will be installed for protection of all railway buildings and installations.

During this year, construction of earthwork and new foundations for catenary poles above the second line track started already. The extension of the up to now single-track line only required a demolition of the building at Čeperka railway stop. The current platform at this railway stop has also been dismantled and a provisional platform has been built. Besides that, works on constructing a new underpass continue in Čeperka. Construction of a new technological building started in Stéblová railway station.


Construction Designation Modernisation of the line  Hradec Králové – Pardubice – Chrudim, 1st construction, building a 2nd track in the section  Stéblová – Opatovice nad Labem
Construction Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation
General Designer SUDOP PRAHA a.s.
Supplier SKANSKA a.s
Beginning and end of construction km 8.639 - km 16.375 (railway superstructure)
Maximum speed 160 km/h
Term of launch 05/2014
Term of completion 11/2015
Total costs 995.307,682 CZK (VAT excluded)



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