The Railway Infrastructure Administration starts a pilot project which will improve safety of railway crossings


Rumburk, 18 September 2013 – Today the Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) investment campaign Crossings in the Rumburk – Dolní Poustevna section, pilot project was festively initiated with an intent of modernizing safety equipment on the first thirteen railway crossings. This project being co-financed by the European Union set as objective to modernize several hundreds of technically outdated railway crossings in the years to follow. By this step, the Railway Infrastructure Administration once again brings contributes to increasing safety on the railway.



The project implementation started during summer holidays already. It includes in total four groups of selected railway crossings:

  • Šluknov – Velký Šenov in km 10.039; 10.244 and 10.601 – the crossings will undergo reconstruction of mechanical crossing installations.
  • Light installations on the crossing within the premises of railway station Mikulášovice dolní nádraží in km 19.912; 20.035 and 20.591 – reconstruction
  • Rumburk – Velký Šenov in km 7.020; 14.661; 14.916 and 15.051 – construction of light installations on the crossings.
  • Velký Šenov – Dolní Poustevna in km 16.680; 21.118 and 23.981 – construction of light installations on the crossings.

Railway crossings mentioned above were not selected randomly, they are mostly crossings marked by a St. Andrew’s cross or crossings equipped with mechanical barriers being serviced by transport employees or already outdated safety installations from the year 1972. The construction’s objective is equipping railway crossings mentioned above with new light safety installations of Category 3 without barriers, controlled by the automatic train ride. Modernization of safety equipment on railway crossings will not only limit human factor influence but also increase equipment reliability and will contribute to more fluent rail and road operation.

Increasing safety on railway crossings remains one of the Railway Infrastructure Administration’s main priorities. ”Every year we invest hundreds of millions of Czech crowns into safety increase on railway crossings. Just for example, this sum will amount almost two billion Czech crowns in the two years to follow,“ says Mr. Jiři Kolář, RIA Director General when describing the extent of investment operations in preparation. This amount of financial means will enable complex modernization of approximately 400 railway crossings on the whole territory of the Czech Republic.

The Railway Infrastructure Administration manages 8,070 railway crossings; safety equipment on some of these does not correspond with current trend of rail and road transport safety anymore. RIA strives and always will strive for increasing safety on railway crossings.

Based on a public tender, the construction supplier is the company AŽD Praha, s.r.o., leading member of an association called Přejezdy Rumburk - Dolní Poustevna (Crossings Rumburk – Dolní Poustevna). Other association members are: MONZAS spol. s r.o. and NTD group, a.s., Ústí nad Labem.

The tendered construction price amounts to 67.236,057 CZK (VAT excluded). The project is co-financed by the EU Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport. Releasing money for construction project financing abides by relevant budget regulations for the budget period 2007–2013. The beneficiary of financial means for implementing the construction project is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization, which is also the entity ordering construction works within the construction project and a contracting party to the Contract for work concluded with suppliers of each section of the construction project.

The maximum EU contribution will amount to 59.848,034 CZK which equals 85% of eligible expenses. National resources were provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI). The function of the construction technical supervisor will be assured by the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization, Civil Engineering Administration Prague.


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