Underpass in Brno opened


Underpass under the depot in Brno festively opened

Brno, 02/10/2009 – Today an underpass in Brno connecting Bohunická and Sokolova Street has been festively opened. The underpass is a part of the project Europoint Brno which besides the reconstruction of the railway junction also includes the construction of the South Centre. The investor of the construction was the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

"The underpass is one of the other significant constructions in Brno. It shall help the traffic system in Brno," said Roman Onderka, Mayor of Brno and added: "It will re-establish a great deal of traffic in Sokolov and in a section of Bohunická Street. Residents of this region, however, will benefit from any improvements after the designed connecting road of the large urban ring between Šírová and Heršpická Street is built."

It basically involves a complex of bridges, retaining walls, drainage systems and communications. The underpass goes under four railway bridges and one road bridge since the railway corridor from Brno to Břeclav, with a branch line to Střelice, runs across the crossing spot. The road bridge is used as local communication. The new underpass should serve motorists as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

Ing. Miroslav Konečný, SŽDC Deputy Director General said: "The completion of this underpass actually represents the completion of the first significant construction under the reconstruction of the railway junction in Brno. The underpass is going to serve general public and represents a symbolic connecting line of the city which – although interwoven by a system of railway lines – is still kept compact."

The launch of the underpass construction was preceded by extensive demolitions in Severní and Sokolova Street. The carriageway of the underpass was designed for the operation of passenger vehicles and vans. Its clearance height is 4,35 m and the gradient at the entry is less than 7% and over 8,5% at the exit. The new underpass provides the motorists with one traffic lane in either direction with no overtaking and the speed is limited to 40 km/h. A separate, three-metre wide corridor was intended for pedestrians and cyclists and has been in operation since July this year. Motorists will make use of it on October 2 at 3 p.m. for the first time. "All works were performed during full railway operation, which was quite a challenging task. I believe that the completion of the whole 1st phase of the depot reconstruction will be equally successful," said Ing. Michal Štefl, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of OHL ŽS, a.s.

The total costs amounted to nearly CZK 413 MM. without VAT and were funded from the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure. On a contractual basis with SŽDC the corporate city of Brno contributed to the implementation of the fly-over crossing with an amount of almost CZK 224 MM. The contractor was the Association Brněnský drak whose members are OHL ŽS, a. s. and SKANSKA DS, a. s. The project was developed by SUDOP Brno. The construction of the underpass started in October 2007 and lasted two years. The completion of the whole 1st phase is planned for May next year.

Basic data

  • Official name of the construction: Brno - 1st part of storage sidings, 1st phase
  • Investor: Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization – Civil Engineering Administration Olomouc
  • Costs: CZK 412,954 MM without VAT (of which the contribution of the corporate city of Brno totals near CZK 224 MM)
  • Contractor: Association Brněnský drak, members are OHL ŽS, a.s. and Skanska DS, a.s.
  • Start: October 2007
  • Deadline: October 2009

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