Ministry of Transport and Railway Infrastructure Administration supporting rail freight transport


PRAGUE, 26 February 2013 – the Ministry of Transport and SŽDC took the first step in minimizing barriers in rail freight transport and in ensuring the competitive system of car loads on rail. A specific measure supporting this type of ecological transport is the extended system of car loads. As of 1 March 2013 SŽDC will also increase the discount for the transportation of car loads from 15% to 55 %. The objective is to get the competition involved in this segment of freight transport, to reduce the price of operation for all carriers and to prevent an extensive shift of goods from rail to road.

The state expects this supporting measure to increase the motivation for using the ecological transport mode as well as for relieving the overloaded and damaged regional road infrastructure of overloaded trucks. „Together with SŽDC we try to motivate private carriers to get involved in the fight for keeping the transported goods on rail,“ said Zbyněk Stanjura, Minister of Transport. „The discount for relevant car loads from 1 March 2013 will be increased from the current 15 % to 55 %,“ commented Jiří Kolář, SŽDC´s Director General on planned measures.

Other changes will also be implemented in the transportation system of car loads on rail. As of 1 March 2013 the system will include way trains and work-siding trains as well as multiple-section freight trains with manipulation outside the formation yards, domestic relation trains between selected formation yards and with the exception of transiting trains also international relation trains that are deployed or assembled from car loads. Extended transportation of relevant car loads on rail will contribute to its bigger competitiveness towards the lorry transport.

The support of rail freight transport will continue with further steps that should cut down payments of carriers for other types of rail freight transport. This strategy is in line with the transport policy of the Czech Republic and the European Union that promotes the optimal use of sources and the support of such transport modes that have less impact on the environment and minimize the costs of the transport mode change. Within the scope of relevant car loads on rail, approximately 30 million tonnes of goods and material are transported per year.


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