The Film “You won’t make it! 2” Appeals Again to Maximum Attention and Observance of Regulations Near the Railway


Every year, approximately 30 young people become victims of fatalities or serious injuries with lasting consequences on the railway - as if a whole school class just disappeared. They are classmates, friends, siblings, children and grandchildren … the cause being In many cases inattention and unfortunately needless hazard as well. The task of Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) is to support prevention and public education about safety on the railway as much as possible. One of the means to reach this is a sequel to the successful movie “You won’t make it!” Its first clapperboard was shot at the beginning of this week.

This unique student movie on safety and prevention with a characteristic title “You won’t make it!” was prepared in cooperation of SŽDC and ČD; its premiere was aired in March 2015. This feature document acquaints the public with basic rules of safety on the railway and its neighbourhood, informs on dangerous behaviour and shows its possible fatal consequences. Although the stories are fictional, the film is very emotional and impressive because each story is based on real events which happened on the railway. The sequel is going to be very similar – it will offer a movie adaptation of most frequent situations or real tragic accidents which happen on the railway to teenagers and unfortunately still repeat, such as e.g. walking on tracks, often with earphones, moving in the trackage outside premises designed for passengers, taking shortcuts by crossing the rails, looking for adrenaline experience or ignoring warning signs at railway crossings.

The target group of the movie are especially teenagers. Using “their” way of speech will emphasize the stories’ overall impression and thus the prevention effect of the project “You won’t make it! 2”. New technologies, more specifically smartphones, replace computers more and more for young people and children who use them not only for communication but also for creating various posts on social networks. These amateur videos are often of a very high technical quality and constitute now a common way for teenagers to express themselves. This fact is also used by the “You won’t make it!” movie sequel. Acted scenes recorded in a normal way alternate with personal testimonies of the main stories’ protagonists shot in a way to imitate selfie videos or directly shot as “selfies”.

The motivation to shoot the “You won’t make it!” movie and now its sequel were especially shocking statistics of events which happened on the railway. ”It will be a great success if this movie helps to decrease the number of tragic accidents on the railway where young people are involved. I would like to appeal not only to young people to pay maximal attention near the railway in the first place and to observe all tried and tested rules. Hazardous behaviour consisting e.g. in climbing cars on standstill is worthless, often unfortunately with extremely tragic consequences“, says Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of SŽDC.

The other partner of the movie which is (among other forms of distribution) being projected to pupils of primary and high schools within the Prevention Train for a Safe Railway, is the company České dráhy. ”We know from practice that most sad stories happen quite needlessly, in many cases due to a lack of discipline, taking risks and frequently fatally underestimating the situation. Young people of 14 to 19 years of age belong to the most endangered groups. We want the sequel to the successful movie to address another generation of young people and to make it think over its behaviour”, said Mr. Michal Štěpán, member of the Board of Directors of České dráhy responsible for passenger transport.


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