Shift of freight from roads to rail


Prague, 15/11/2010 – Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC) applies a modification to the track access charge, thus encouraging undertakings to utilize rail for goods transportation. In 2011, the track access charge for freight will be reduced by 11 %.

For instance, the carrier ČD Cargo a. s. shall save ca CZK 270 million due to lower track access charges. The charge decrease also applies to other freight carriers. The reduced charge for the support of combined transport trains and relevant shipment is maintained. The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic thus implements progressive well-balanced relationship between the state heavily subsidized passenger transport and the so-far disadvantaged freight transport. For that reason, the price of certain segments of the passenger transport will be increased. The price increase does not exceed the maximum prices set by the Assessment of the Ministry of Finance. The track access charge for passenger trains of the regional transport services remains on the level of 2010. The increased SŽDC income from the passenger transport will be fully used to cover the decreased income from the freight transport.

The Ministry of Transport will encourage undertakings to utilize rail by 50% increase in tolls from motorways, fast highways and 1st class roads till 2013 (in 2011 by 25 % and in 2012 by 25%). At the same time, the toll system will be progressively applied to other 1st class roads, or to selected sections of II and III class roads. The budget of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI) for 2012 earmarks funds for the development of the transport multimodality, in particular for the support of goods transportation utilizing rail for longer distance and the road transport for the distribution on the spot.

The Ministry of Transport priority is to encourage undertakings to invest in the development of the combined transport and to gradually shift a part of its freight to rail. SŽDC as the railway infrastructure manager supports this step and considers it an incentive to the follow-up modernization and optimization of selected railway lines under the notified enhancement of freight volume transportation by rail.

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