Work progress related to the restored operation of the damaged section near Stribro


This accident, which occurred on a restored section of III Corridor, induced a preliminary damage at the amount of CZK 3 million for the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. All track parameters were re-measured and checked after this accident. For the time being, the investigation excluded constructional or technical defect on the line. It detected a damage on the wheel set of the car bogie of Czech Railways, joint-stock company.

Next work schedule of repairs:

Since this refers tothe damage of a unique section of the new railway infrastructure, the repair is most complex and demanding. Both the switch and the signalling installation and the concrete sleepers under the switch were tailor-made and therefore entirely new ones need to be produced now. 200 meters of a new track, which was damaged behind the switch, is currently assembled on the spot. The following day, the damaged track will be removed and a new one will be immediately installed. By Wednesday (4. 5. 2011)at the latest, after thorough assessment by the supplier of the switch unit, the damaged switch will have been temporarily but safely set into one position and afterwards provisional rail operation is anticipated to be launched. Supplying new switch components and other unique parts, and thus restoring the full operation of the whole section, is a matter of days, possibly weeks due to the complexity of the manufacture. SŽDC puts maximum efforts into minimizing the time demands.


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