Optimization of the line Beroun - Zbiroh, work progress (July 2001)


This month, main work is carried out on track No. 1 between the railway stations of Hořovice – Zbiroh which has been excluded from the railway transport. The overhead contact line including the overhead line masts has been pulled down and the signals were dismantled. The foundations of the overhead line masts are being pulled down and the foundation for new overhead line masts in the spot of new line relocations connected to the current roadway is being concreted.



The railway superstructure was dismantled along the whole section; ballast will be transported for recycling to coarse crushed stone mixture to be subsequently used for the railway substructure. Ahead of time, the foundations for the noise barrier masts, which are to protect against the noise in Hořovice and near the village of Újezd, were bored and cased. Steel pillars are being inserted in those foundations and embedded in concrete. Work proceeds on the railway substructure and include excavation to the earth plain, drainage ditches are excavated along the line and moulded concrete blocks are laid. Where it is impossible to create open ditches for draining the earthworks, subsurface drains with inserted pipeline are being dug. The roadway after the train stop of Cerhovice will be abandoned and the line will be transferred to the newly-built relocation which will be connected to the current roadway and the ballast for the ballasted trackbed is brought in.

At Pilsner station head of the railway station of Hořovice, switches No. 15, 16 and 18 were set up and the crossover between switches 14-15 was put into operation to allow the entry of trains from the second operated track to platforms No. I and II in the station of Hořovice. A new overhead contact line has been set up over the crossover and switches have been connected to the signalling installation.

The vaulted road flyover in Hořovice is being reconstructed; auxiliary bridge span has been inserted in the second operated track so that new bridge caps for the bridge structure for both tracks could be concreted. There are 3 other bridges in this section where a structure has also been torn down under the former first track. The underpass connecting the village of Cerhovice and Kařízek, locally called „Na Bouchalku“, is crucial for the road transport since due to difficult conditions and the length of detours for the road truck and bus transport, the closure for demolition  was permitted for 7 days only.

Besides this work, construction work proceeded with the new ticket office in Hořovice which was handed over to the future user in the second week of July. Soft landscaping was also completed near the newly-built structures in Hořovice and the current passenger building and a barrier-free access to the 1st platform was opened. Ground shaping is being finalized around both tunnel ends Osek and the access road for emergency units is being upgraded as far as the Pilsner tunnel portal. The road between the villages of Cerhovice and Újezd was closed due to the relocation of this road under the newly-built underpass and which after the dismantling of the old underpass and the embankment of the railway line will be connected to the current road.


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