Modernization of the line České Budějovice – Nemanice I. Work progress (1st half-year of 2011)


Festive launch of the construction took place on 28 April 2011. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.



In the first half-year of 2011 after the preparatory work had been carried out during the permanent track possession, the bridges of Skuherského, Pekárenská and industrial track Ferona were dismantled. After the demolition of current abutments, new abutments were inserted and concreted, new contact line abutments, track 5b was removed from the bridge Rudolfovská to switch No. 43, the first 980m-long section of noise barriers was built (for the time being without bridge structures). The work proceeded on the installation of provisional communication for the area maintenance Sfinx, the demolition of the wash-stand, provisional connection of the wash-stand Ferona and work on retaining walls in Nádražní St. and for the future track 902 was launched. The reconstruction of signal box 4 called for the relocation of the signalman´s post including technological equipment into temporary premises.

The project is part of IV Railway Transit Corridor which includes the track section from Děčín state border via Prague and České Budějovice to Horní Dvořiště state border. The technical conditions of the railway superstructure and substructure, drainage, bridge structures, heavy-current equipment as well as the signalling and telecommunication installations are not satisfactory and fail to meet the parameters of the contemporary modern railway. "The Modernization of the line České Budějovice - Nemanice I" also deals with the layout of the passenger station of the railway station České Budějovice (excluding Southern gridiron) and the layout of the track section České Budějovice - Nemanice (excluding); in particular double-tracking of the track section over the flyovers of Skuherského St. and Pekárenská St. and the reconstruction of the train stop České Budějovice Northern stop. It is a section in the stationing on km 213,280 - 215,900 of the line Č. Velenice - Č. Budějovice - Pilsen. The length of the reconstructed section is 2,620 km. The track layout of the Northern gridiron of the passenger station of the railway station České Budějovice allows in main tracks in the direction of stationing from km 213,280 to km 213,945 the line speed V = 100 km/h (in the opposite direction the line speed of 60 km/h is designed for this section). The track section from km 213,945 to km 214,787 will allow the line speed of 120 km/h. From km 214,787 to km 215,900 the line speed of up to 140 km/h has been designed for the prospective section Nemanice – Ševětín. However, until the implementation of the Modernization of the line Nemanice I - Ševětín starts, the line speed for the track section on km 214,787 - 215,800 will be 120 km/h and the line speed for the track section on 215,800 - 215,900 will be 100 km/h. The single-track line with level crossings will be passed at a maximum speed of V=60 km/h. Along the whole length, the modernized tracks will allow the obstruction clearance of track Z-GC and loading class D4 UIC. 12 bridges and 3 retaining walls will be implemented and 1 culvert will be cancelled in the reconstructed section.

The project „Modernization of the line České Budějovice – Nemanice I“ was approved under the Operational Programme Transport to be co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund. The EU contribution to this construction may represent up to 71.20%. The remaining part of the cost will be covered from the budget of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.




Passage over construction site before implementation

Passage over construction site before implementation


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