Work progress of the construction „Optimization of the line Bystřice nad Olší – Český Těšín“


Olomouc, 25 July 2011 – the construction proceeds on the reconstruction of the railway station Třinec and of the track section between this station and the railway station Bystřice nad Olší. The scope of the construction is similar as in the past year but given the convenient direct routing of the line, it is not necessary to change the current layout. After reconstruction it will be possible to enhance the line speed up to 160 km/h. The railway stop Vendryně is under reconstruction, also involving a new platform with a higher position to allow a comfortable entry and exit. This new platform compared to the former one will be moved by approximately 85 m in the direction of Třinec. The current level crossing will be relocated by approximately 100 metres in the direction of Třinec. There will be an entirely new train stop Třinec – Lyžbice across T. G. Masaryk Square. The Czech Railways and the city have contributed CZK 16 million to this train stop.



In the following period, the track section between the railway stations Bystřice nad Olší – Třinec will be reconstructed, involving the reconstruction of the bridge over the local road in Bystřice nad Olší, building a new underpass in Vendryně, replacement of the bridge superstructure over the Olše River in Vendryně, including the rehabilitation of substructure, replacement of supporting structures near the underpass towards garages and over Lyžbický brook.

Before the end of the construction according to the work schedule (31.03.2012), the new train stop Třinec- Lyžbice will not have been completed;  technically and structurally it is connected with a separate construction of the Moravia-Silesian Region called „VIA Lyžbice„ – road underpass. This project has been delayed by approximately 9 months. There has been no call for tenders for the contractor yet. For this reason it will be necessary to postpone our construction at least until August 2012 and to arrange for track possessions in the track section Třinec – Bystřice nad Olší.

The investor of this construction the expenses of which total nearly CZK 2.9 billion (without VAT) is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. The funds have been provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The project „Optimization of the line Bystřice nad Olší – Český Těšín“ has been proposed to be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport and the planned contribution from the Cohesion Fund shall exceed CZK 1.38 billion.

The contractor is the association of companies „BYTČ“, represented byOHL ŽS, a.s. (chief member), Subterra a.s. and EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTION Česká republika spol. s  r. o. The project was developed by SUDOP PRAHA a.s.


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