Work on the construction „Reconstruction of the railway station Přerov, 1st construction“ in progress


On 28.2.2011, the reconstruction of the Mádrův underpass continued with II dilatation complex above which there are tracks No. 106X, 2X and 1X.This construction plan No. 6 was terminated and put into test operation on 26. 5. 2011. On 27.5.2011, construction plan No. 7 was launched and it involves reconstruction work on the dilatation complex No III with tracks 106X and 18X. The plan will be terminated on 16. 9. 2011; afterwards the work will continue on the IV dilatation complex. This will be completed on 30. 11. 2011. Depending on the weather conditions it might (or not) be possible to lay bituminous carpet on the roadway of the Mádrův underpass. It can be stated that as at 1.12.2011 the Mádrův underpass will be operational and open to the public. If the bituminous carpet cannot be laid due to bad weather conditions, the work will be executed by 30.4.2012. The price for the reconstruction totals CZK 103,832,000; the contribution of the city of Přerov is CZK 20 million. The underpass has been reconstructed to maintain the original parameters, i.e. one lane of the roadway and a pavement.



On 27.5.2011, the 4th platform was closed to the public and the reconstruction work was launched. It will be built in a new position and of course with a new canopy. The new platform will be linked to a reconstructed and extended old subway as well as to a new subway the part of which will be a barrier-free access – lifts. The new 4th platform will be put into operation on 16. 9. 2011, however, connected to the present subway.

The construction has been put forward to be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport through the Cohesion Fund.


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