Work on the construction „State border with Slovakia – Bystřice nad Olší“ in progress


Olomouc, 16 August – The new project documentation on the completion of the tunnel reconstruction was approved for the track section state border with Slovakia – Mosty u Jablunkova. In March and April, tunnel grouting was effected and the tunnelling is in progress now. Since April, the work has been proceeding during the possession of track No. 2 in the track section state border with Slovakia – passing loop Šance. The work continues on the railway superstructure and substructure and drainage, bridge structures and culverts, noise protection measures (noise barriers) are being implemented and a new contact line system is installed.



In the following months, work will proceed in the railway station Bystřice nad Olší, focusing on the completion of the reconstruction of the railway superstructure, substructure, contact line system and track earthing, signalling installation on the gridiron (laying of crossovers). The implementation is connected with the work completion during track possessions at the construction BYČT nearby.

As a result of the collapse of the Jablunkovsky Tunnel and subsequent recast of the documentation, the original deadline for the construction completion - February 2011 - could not be met. The new deadline for the completion of the whole construction is 31 August 2013. All constructions follow the new work schedule and its sub-deadlines are met.

In 2012, work will proceed on the completion of the two-track tunnel, landscaping, planting of greenery as replacement of felling, completion of IPO in Mosty u Jablunkova.

The new tunnel will be completed in the 1st quarter of 2013. The operation will be shifted from the current one-track tunnel. An escape gallery, which will be created from one half of the current tunnel, will be subsequently completed. The second half of the tunnel will be filled up. This step will complete all the work in compliance with the new project.

The construction has been put forward to be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport through the Cohesion Fund.




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