Modernization of the railway section Votice – Benešov u Prahy: Work progress (May 2011)


Prague, 11th May 2011 – Due to climatic conditions, planned work procedures can be fully developed and the modernization of the railway section Votice – Benešov u Prahy is underway.



Along the whole line, mainly in the area of the railway station of Olbramovice and in the railway sections outside the railway station of Votice, then Votice – Olbramovice and Tomice - Bystřice,  successive excavations and concreting of the foundations of overhead line masts, their construction and equipment continue, followed by re-hanging of the overhead line and dismantling of original masts and foundations, modification of cabling and components of the signalling installation and cabling relocation for future construction.

Work is being completed as regards the treatment of the cutting at the beginning of the section near the village of Střelítov, with different geological conditions as against the project. The lower section has been completed. Work on the railway substructure proceeds with the line relocation to the newly built tunnels in the section Votice – Olbramovice, especially as a follow-up to the completed bridge structures. In the area of the railway station Olbramovice, the preparation for the reconstruction of the odd set of tracks continues and the reconstruction is projected as of 3/7/201. The embankment is being extended for the possibility to set up foundations and to build overhead line masts so that the new overhead line can be finished prior to the work related to track possession of the odd set of tracks. Work on track sections also proceeds between the stations of Olbramovice and Bystřice. Work proceeds with cuts, embankments, slope work and breaking. Bare slopes after earthwork are covered with humus and network. Near the town of Bystřice, a noise-barrier section protecting one of its districts is being built by drilling and concreting of piles, attaching pliers and noise protection panels.

Work still proceeds with five currently built tunnels, one excavated – Votický and four pierced ones – Olbramovický, Zahradnický and Tomický and Tomický II.

Inside the Olbramovický tunnel, the laying of multi-channels and the concreting of pavements proceed. Work inside the Zahradnický tunnel proceeds with reinforcing and concreting of footings, concreting of definitive tunnel lining and insulation of the tunnel arch. Work inside the Tomický tunnel proceeds with concreting of the arch, its reinforcement and insulation of the pierced tunnel section. Inside the Tomický tunnel II, the calotte has been pierced, the piercing of tunnel is about to be finished.

Work inside the Votický tunnel proceeds with extraction and clearing slopes of loose stones and securing the slopes with anchors, steel net and shotcrete; in other sections concreting of blinding, insulation of fabrics, laying and haunching of pipeline, reinforcement and concreting of footings, assembling of the arch support and its concreting.

Construction work on the passenger building of the railway station Olbramovice proceeds on a new section with integrating new systems of safety operation and building new garages and storage area. Furthermore, technological buildings near the Zahradnický tunnel are being built.

Construction work also proceeds with bridge structures. The bridge structure over the village of Srbice and a new railway bridge across Road I/18 will soon be finished.  Work proceeds on a bridge structure which is being rebuilt to a railway culvert near Bystřice. On the newly-built railway bridge in the section Tomice – Bystřice, concreting of connecting chamber, brickwork of rubble front, concreting of foundation plate, insulation of construction joints, bonding primer and binding of the lining were carried out. New pipe culverts are set up on line relocations where it is necessary to pay attention to proper founding due to different geological conditions as against the project. As regards the bridges and culverts that are extended or just redeveloped, the work focuses on cutting caverns and their treatment, regrinding, grouting, jetting, jointing, concreting of cornices, or installation of new supports, applying protecting and uniform coats, or paving and attaching a railing.

In the next period, besides other work, preparation work will proceed with absolute 21day-long track possession from Votice to Benešov, on four subsections, in particular at the beginning of the construction in the Střelítovský cut and in the railway section Tomice – Bystřice, with a new section of a parallel line track to which the operation will be transferred in order to allow the construction of one track along the whole railway section. The traffic closure starts on 26.5.2011.

Preparation work proceeds with the track possession of the odd set of tracks of the railway station of Olbramovice. Construction work requires necessary traffic closure and detours on neighbouring roads.

In the daytime, the track possessions apply to work conducted on the foundations of the overhead line equipment, to earthwork and blasting operation near the line. The construction also affects the road traffic.  During the work on bridge structures, the traffic is restricted or directed to bypass roads.


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