Modernization of the line Votice – Benešov u Prahy: Work progress (August 2011)


Thanks to fair weather conditions, it is possible to proceed to planned work operations; the modernization of the line Votice – Benešov u Prahy is underway, in particular due to ongoing possession of the odd set of tracks of the railway station Olbramovice.



Along the whole line, mainly in the area of the railway station Olbramovice and in the track sections Votice – Olbramovice and Tomice – Bystřice, work proceeds on phased excavations and concreting of the foundations of the overhead line masts, on construction and support, subsequently cross-wire suspension of the contact line and dismantling of original masts and foundations, adjustment of cabling and components of the signalling installation, cabling relocation to allow the continuation of the construction.

Work on the substructure currently proceeds on the line relocation to the newly-built tunnels in the section Votice – Olbramovice, in particular as a follow-up to almost completed bridge structures and in the area between the Voticky and Olbramovicky tunnel. In the area of the railway station Olbramovice, the reconstruction of the odd set of tracks proceeds and has been progressively planned according to phases till 25/11/2011. Work on track sections also proceeds between the stations Olbramovice and Bystřice, followed by cutting, embankment, slope work and breaking. After earthworks on the slopes, work proceeds with laying humus and networking. In the track section Olbramovice – Tomice, the railway superstructure is being set up on the parallel track. In the track section Tomice – Bystřice, with the operation running on the newly-built track, the adjacent track is being built.

Work still proceeds on five built tunnels, one is excavated – the Voticky and four are pierced – the Olbramovicky, Zahradnicky and Tomicky and Tomicky II.

Rehabilitation work proceeds near the Voticky Tunnel and firms involved in the installation of the tunnel facilities are launching their work – establishing the suspension for the overhead contact wire, installing components of the signalling system and the electric line for tunnel lighting.

In the Olbramovicky Tunnel, firms involved in the tunnel equipment continue their work. In the Zahradnicky and Tomicky Tunnel, work proceeds on concreting of cambered concrete, centre drainage, laying and concreting of multi-channels, concreting of pavements and backfilling of portal sections. In the Tomicky Tunnel II, concreting of the secondary lining proceeds.

Technological objects are being built near the Zahradnicky Tunnel.

The construction workers also continue their work on bridge structures. Work on the construction of a new railway bridge over Road I/18 through backfilling the wing walls is being completed to allow continuation through a railway embankment on a new relocation. In the area of the railway station Olbramovice, the extended bridge structure is completely re-built. The current bridge superstructure will be replaced with new superstructures with concreted girders and stone abutments will replace new ferroconcrete massive abutments.  The bridge structure in the track section Tomice – Bystřice is followed by concreting of the superstructure and additional work for final completion. The reconstruction of the bridge structure into a railway culvert has been completed near Bystřice. New pipe culverts are set up on line relocations; however, attention must be paid to correct set-up due to different geological conditions than those described in the project. Work at bridges and culverts, which are extended or only rehabilitated, include cutting out of subterranean cavities and their rehabilitation, regriding, injecting, jetting, pointing, concreting of cornices, possibly construction of new abutments, applying protective and uniform paints, possibly pavement and mounting of railing.

In the following period, in addition to other tasks, the work during the possession of the odd set of tracks in the railway station Olbramovice will still continue.

Construction work calls for necessary line blockage and alternate roads.

In the daytime, the line blockage relates to ongoing work on the foundations of the overhead contact line. The construction also affects road traffic operations. The traffic is restricted or directed on by-passes in those areas where work is carried out on bridge structures.

The funds were granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. At the same time, co-funding of this project was requested by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport, with the projected contribution from the Cohesion Fund totalling CZK 4,085,845,894. The request for the subsidy was preliminary approved in November 2009 by the Ministry of Transport ČR and the approval process takes place at the European Commission level.



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