Modernization of the line Votice – Benešov u Prahy: Work progress (November 2011)


Prague, November 1, 2011 - Given the climatic conditions, it is possible to fully develop the planned working processes; modernization work on the line Votice – Benešov u Prahy is underway, in particular during the ongoing possession of the odd set of tracks of the railway station Olbramovice, including the connection of the local line from Sedlčany.



Along the whole line, currently mostly near the railway station Olbramovice and in the track section Tomice – Bystřice, work proceeds on successive excavations and concreting of the foundations of the overhead line masts, their construction and equipment, subsequent head-span and dismantling of original masts and foundations, modification of cabling and components of the signalling installation, cabling relocation in order to continue the construction. 

The work on the railway substructure currently proceeds on the premise of the railway station Olbramovice, within the scope of the reconstruction of the odd set of tracks which is planned in phases until 25/11/2011. The work in track sections proceeds between the stations Olbramovice and Bystřice on cuts, embankments, slope work and breaking. Bare slopes after earthwork are covered with humus and networked. In the track section Tomice – Bystřice, an adjacent track is being built and the operation has already been launched on the newly built track.

Work still proceeds on five built tunnels, one is excavated – the Votický - and four are pierced – the Olbramovický, Zahradnický and Tomický and Tomický II. Inside the Votický and Olbramovický Tunnel, the railway superstructure is being set up and work related tothe track equipment is being completed.

Work proceeds inside the Zahradnický Tunnel by firms participating in the tunnel equipment – suspensions for the overhead contact line, installation of the signalling equipment components, as well as the installation of the line for the tunnel lighting. Inside the Tomický Tunnel work proceeds on laying the multi-channels and backfills of portal sections. Concreting of the secondary lining and laying of the multi-channels are carried out inside the Tomický Tunnel II.

Construction workers also continue their work on bridge structures. On the premise of the railway station Olbramovice, the extension of the bridge structure was launched; in this phase for the even set of tracks. The work to be carried out during winter months, with regard to necessary observance of planned line blockages, has been planned feasibly and at the moment foundations under abutments which do not obstruct the current traffic operations or interfere with the operated section of the bridge are being built. The work on the road bridge structure in the track section Tomice – Bystřice, which will serve within the scope ofan access road for the rescue and medical equipment, focused on the construction of abutments and the overhead structure is being concreted.

In the next period in addition to other tasks, work will proceed during the possession of the odd set of tracks in the railway station Olbramovice, on the tasks of the 1st phase, 2nd part, in particular the laying of the permanent way and completing the platform including the canopy.

The construction work calls for necessary traffic closure and detours on neighbouring roads. In the daytime, the line blockage applies to the ongoing work on the foundations of the overhead contact line. The construction also affects traffic operations. The traffic is restricted in places where work proceeds on bridge structures or it is directed to bypass roads.


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