Modernization of the line Votice - Benešov u Prahy: Work progress (May 2012)


Prague, 23rd May 2012 - Given the kindly climatic conditions, planned working processes can be fully developed and the modernization work on the line Votice – Benešov u Prahy is underway.



The main work in May focused on the completion of the reconstruction of the even set of tracks in railway station Olbramovice, put into operation as at 14/5/2012 after finishing works on the railwaysuperstructure had been carried out and the platform and lift shafts of the subway together with other equipment for passengers had been completed; works on a noise barrier running along the whole length of the station are being finalized. Lighting towers have been installed and cable routes have been laid,
the signalling installation adapted to new line parameters has been activated and the overhead contact line has been installed.
At the start of the 8-day permanent traffic closure,on respective sections – when the whole anchorage section was not preserved
in the new system, or if the current line was deserted, first it was necessary to dismantle the current overhead contact line in order to allow the follow-up work – the already-executed dismantling of the track structure in Tomice and Bystřice. With Bystřice being put into service, at the current stage of the construction, when the service track for traffic purposes involving speed restriction is used, it was necessary to ensure the regulation of the overhead contact line on the adapted sections (a temporary crossover between the 3rd and the 5th station track between the bridge structures in Bystřice). The utilization of the 5thstation track called for the installation of the overhead contact line over this track and for the use of contact line supports by then serving for the overhead contact line over the 3rd station track.


In the next period in addition to other tasks, the work will proceed mainly on the reconstruction of railway station Bystřice, including the new relocation running in the direction of Bystřice through tunnels Tomický and Tomický II. It involves the reconstruction of bridge structures still in use, work on the track substructure and setting up noise barriers and contact line mast foundations.


The construction work calls for necessary traffic closures and detours on neighbouring roads. The construction also affects traffic operations. The traffic is restricted in places where work proceeds on bridge structures or it is directed to bypass roads.


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