LATEST NEWS: Work progress of the project „Optimization of the line Zbiroh – Rokycany“


Prague, 14 July 2011 – along the whole section of the construction, i.e. from the beginning in Zbiroh to the end in the railway station of Rokycany, work currently proceeds in practically all construction- and rail-related professions. They involve new parts of the telecommunication and signalling system, the installation of the contact line system, track replacement including earthwork, reconstruction of bridges and culverts, building platforms, drainage systems and the adopted implementation of noise protection measures.



Within the Optimization of the line Beroun – Zbiroh, constructional procedures and individual phases of the construction of these operational sets and structures are being coordinated and their completion is connected with the termination of the track possession on 5. 8. 2011.

Significant enhancement of the rail and road operation safety!

Near the railway station of Zbiroh, the construction of the flyover which will replace the current double-track level crossing continues. It is a significant feature enhancing the safety on a crossing spot common for road and railway transport at one level. As SŽDC´s statistics demonstrate, only the grade-separated level crossing (underpass or overpass) can prevent risky and dangerous behaviour of some road users.

In this section, work (again related to the ongoing construction Beroun – Zbiroh) is being carried out ensuring the interconnection and functionality of the telecommunication and signalling installation for both aforementioned constructions.

The earthwork on the railway substructure in the district of the loading facility Zbiroh is conducted in cooperation with archaeologists who carry out their basic research here. If any discoveries are made, a proper rescue archaeological research will be carried out, which may disturb the work schedule of the construction. However, we do not anticipate anything like this to happen.

In the railway station of Kařízek, work started on the construction of a footbridge which will be equipped with lifts, thus ensuring the access to the platforms or serving as a safe passage through the whole railway station. A barrier-free access to trains is a commonplace.

In the inter-station section Kařízek – Holoubkov, work proceeds on the railway substructure as well as the laying of track panels of the railway superstructure with all the related supplementary work. The rail operation is gradually transferred to the almost completed embankment of the line relocation in the area of Mýto so that in the final phase this nearly 1km-long track section could allow train sets to go at the projected speed of up to 160 km/h for tilting boxes.

In the train stop Mýto, complex work is underway, such as the implementation of the drainage system, building a subway and a platform with lighting. Last but not least, work proceeds on the traction transformer substation Mýto.

As for this inter-station section, we must mention the ongoing work on bridges and culverts.  In particular the bridge near the village of Medový Újezd has become a synonym for the search for an optimal solution for both the railway line and the road transport as well as for tackling the needs related to sufficient drainage and diversion of the local brook.

In the railway station of Holoubkov, the construction of noise barriers and the implementation of other obligatory noise-protection measures are about to be completed. We can see evident efforts to finish those sections of the underpass which still show the characteristics of a construction site, early August 2011.

In the railway station of Rokycany, a part of the track from the switch in the direction of Mirošov will soon be removed, where work will be carried out on the railway superstructure in the direction of the bridge across the Klabava River (track No. 1).

This construction also requires coordination with the staff that ensure rail operation since most work is carried out during continuous track possessions simultaneously with the operation on a sidetrack. Detours on adjacent roads are necessary. We would like to express our thanks for patience while the line reconstruction lasts.


The contractor of the construction is the association called „Skanska-Eurovia-Subterra“. Members of the association are: Skanska DS a.s. (chief member),  Eurovia CS a.s. and Subterra a.s.). The investment cost of the implementation total CZK 4,530,079,000.

The construction has been proposed to be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport through the Cohesion Fund. The EU contribution to this specific project can represent up to 73.69 % of the eligible cost.

The contract on granting a selective grant at the amount of CZK 18.5 million for building two underpasses has been concluded with the city of Rokycany.


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