Modernization of the western section of the railway station Praha hl.n., platforms I-IV accomplished


Another significant construction of the railway infrastructure has been completed

Prague, 16/7/2009 – another significant construction of the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic, the modernization of the platforms I – IV of the western section of the Prague main station has been completed. The platforms have been in service since the autumn of the previous year, however, this year finishing work still had to continue on supplementary objects as well as terrain modification near the platforms. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

On the occasion of the construction completion Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General said: „The modernized western section of the platforms of the Prague main station markedly enhances the comfort and safety of our passengers. All platforms have a new station canopy of the extended sections, a new information system, a high-quality sound system and they can be accessed by a staircase, escalators as well as passenger lifts. The Prague main station currently represents a state-of-the-art station by European standards.“

What preceded this modernization

The connection of new lines from the east, i.e. from the new tunnels, and the closing of the old Hrabovská junction and the Vítkovská line demanded a complete reconstruction of the northern gridiron of the main station. In addition to that, it was required to change the technical conditions of the platforms and the subways in order to make them equivalent to the contemporary passenger transport of the 21st Century. There were other flaws detected, concerning e.g. the rails between the platforms, the drainage system and all of the contact line system with the communication and signalling device. The construction started in January 2008. The modernization had two phases. Despite a complicated support of the pillar feet of the historical two-aisle steel station canopy, the 1st phase could be completed in time in June 2008. The new platforms No. III a IV were put into operation. Immediately the 2nd phase followed which related to the platforms I and II and to the completion of the new central and southern subway.

Progress of the construction

The progress of the construction was described by Jiří Procházka, Chief of the Contractors´ Group of the Association MSS Praha hl. n., Managing Director of Metrostav a.s.: „This construction tested our skills at implementing a technologically and organizationally demanding work in the centre of Prague. The fact that the traffic at the Prague main station returns on the right track these days demonstrates that we have succeeded in this challenge.“

The costs of the main station modernization under this construction will total CZK 1,6 billion. The investor of the main station modernization is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC). The chief engineer of the construction on behalf of SŽDC is Ing. Jiří Ambrož. The sources co-funding the construction will come from the European Union through the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Program Transport (OPD). The share of the European Union funds related to this project may cover up to 85% of the construction costs. The remaining costs are covered by the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure. The contractor of the construction is the Association MSS Praha hl. n., the members of which are Metrostav a.s. (chief association) and Skanska DS a.s. and Eurovia CS a.s. The project was developed by SUDOP PRAHA a.s.

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