Praha-Hostivař Railway Station Got a Modern Shape


Prague, 29 November 2016 – Today, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (the Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration) festively completed the reconstruction of Praha-Hostivař railway station as the first step of an extensive project having as objective to modernise the Prague railway junction in the section from Hostivař almost up to the Main Station.

The rebuilding of Hostivař station is the first stage of the reconstruction of the railway line České Budějovice – Praha in the section Praha-Hostivař (included) – Praha-Hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Station - outside). The main objective of its optimisation is increasing network capacity for needs of suburban. long-distance and freight transport, improving connections between railway and mass urban transport, decreasing negative impacts of transport on surrounding buildings and – last but not least – getting the railway line, related constructions and equipment into a technical shape corresponding to EU parameters and standards.

”The reconstruction of Praha-Hostivař railway station was already necessary as it still had not assured grade-separated access to platforms as the only one in the direction Benešov u Prahy – Praha. Therefore, extensive construction works have been going on here for two years. Passenger thus acquired not only a new underpass and platform but also more comfortable and safer travelling”, said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of SŽDC.

At Praha-Hostivař, builders carried out a complex reconstruction of the main and relief tracks, adapted the track development (switches) and built a new trackage which takes into account the connection to Odstavné nádraží Praha Jih (Storage Yard Prague-South) and Depo kolejových vozidel Praha (Rolling Stock Depot Prague) of ČD and other lines. The reconstruction also included building new centre platforms with grade-separated access for passengers – a new underpass connecting at the same time the territory having been divided by the railway up to now. All platforms acquired new roofing, anti-noise barriers were built along the line.

A second part is connected to this project, dealing with the section between Praha-Hostivař railway station and the southern portals of Vinohrady tunnels. This section’s project includes extensive reconstruction of bridges spanning over important roads within our capital city. The line will be led within a modified route which will have an impact i.a. on servicing the territory by passenger trains. The current Strašnice railway stop will be replaced by the new Zahradní Město station as well as the Eden railway stop.

This is a phased project. Phase I was co-financed from the Operational Programme Transport within the programming period 2007–2013. The EU contribution from the Cohesion Fund for Phase I amounted to CZK 573,860,649.

The application for financing Phase II from the Operational Programme Transport within the programming period 2014–2020 has been approved. The estimated EU contribution from European Structural & Investment Funds amounts up to CZK 274,480,289 at maximum. Total estimated investment costs for both phases equal CZK 1,214,319,620 (VAT excluded). National financing is provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Construction Designation Optimisation of the line section Praha Hostivař –
Praha-Hlavní nádraží Part I –Praha Hostivař Railway Station
Construction Investor Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Supplier Company Hostivař Viamont – EUROVIA – GJW,
leader: Viamont DSP a.s. (now STRABAG Rail a. s.),
members: EUROVIA CS a.s. and GJW Praha spol. s.r.o.)
Term of launch 07/2014
Term of completion 07/2016
Total construction costs CZK 1,214,319,620 (VAT excluded)
Approved EU contribution
(Phase I + Phase II)
CZK 848,340,937



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