List of Long-Term Holiday Closures on the SŽDC Network


Every year, summer holidays is a period when people who are not regular customers of railway carriers travel by train as well. At the same time, however, a considerable amount of line closures is also taking place due to repair and modernisation works. In order to avoid unexpected complications while taking trips by train, SŽDC as the infrastructure manager brings an overview of the most important restrictions which will occur in July and August on its railway network.

Prague and Central Bohemia

Due to the reconstruction of Negrelli viaduct, a long-term closure begins on Tuesday 4 July between stations Praha Masarykovo nádraží and Praha-Bubny. Most trains in the direction to Kladno will start and end their ride at the temporary railway stop Praha-Bubny Vltavská. Regular and fast trains in the direction to Kralupy nad Vltavou will be diverted through Balabenka or Praha-Libeň (without a possibility of boarding or disembarking for passengers). At the same time, there will be changes in departure and arrival times.

Since 26 May until 11 July, a closure of the main track between Čelákovice and Mstětice on the line 231 is taking place. The same restriction will occur also from 18 July until 4 August. 

Single-track operation is also introduced since 12 June until 20 July due to a reconstruction of the line 230 Golčův Jeníkov - Čáslav.

Due to a bridge repair, train operation will be stopped in the period of 1 – 30 July between Kladno and Řevničov on the line 120. Partly in concurrence, repair of the main track in the section Řevničov – Lužná u Rakovníka will take place since 19 July until 21 August.  

Because of a bridge repair in Mladá Boleslav, buses will run instead of trains in the period of 5 –23 July between the main station and the city station.

During the periods of 11 - 26 July and 15 August – 19 September, single-track operation will be introduced between Dobřichovice and Řevnice on the line 171; trains will run according to a line closure timetable. The reason for these restrictions is a bridge demolition and its replacement by a new bridge construction.

On the line 235 from Čáslav to Třemošnice, a closure is planned for the period of 1 – 30 August due to a bridge repair in the section Skovice – Žleby.

Since 11 August until 2 October, single-track operation will be introduced between the stations Hořovice and Zdice due to maintenance works. Operation on the line 170 will be also affected by restrictions related to a reconstruction of Beroun Station.

Bridge repairs and maintenance works in the period of 22 August - 10 September will cause closures between Kladno-Dubí and Kralupy nad Vltavou.

West Bohemia

Trains’ regularity is affected by continuing reconstruction works of stations Plzeň hlavní nádraží and Karlovy Vary.

Single-track operation is introduced for the period of 16 June – 21 August on the line 130 between Karlovy Vary-Dvory and Chodov. 

Since 1 July until 29 September, trains are replaced by buses on the line 149 in the section Mariánské Lázně - Bečov nad Teplou due to eliminating speed drops.

Due to dewatering modifications, trains will not be running in the period of 4 – 18 August between Hazlov and Aš on the line 148.

North Bohemia

Maintenance works will interrupt train operation from Liberec to Raspenava on the line 037 since 5 until 24 July.

The same reason will affect a closure between Rybniště and Varnsdorf on the line 089, which will occur in the period of 12 – 30 August.  

Replacement transport in the period of 31 July – 14 August will be caused by a reconstruction of Lovosice Station.

South Bohemia and Vysočina

Due to a reconstruction of the section Okrouhlice – Havlíčkův Brod, single-track operation has been introduced already since 5 May on the line 230. This restriction will last until 4 September.

In the period of 8 – 17 August, buses will replace trains due to a closure between České Velenice and Nové Hrady on the line 199. In the period of 10 – 14 August, operation will be also interrupted in the connection section to Jílovice. 

East Bohemia

Because of maintenance, trains will not run since 17 July until 28 August on the line 017 in the section Dzbel – Chornice – Třebovice v Čechách. 

Repairs of bridges will cause interruption of railway transport in the period of 25 July – 3 August between Borohrádek and Týniště nad Orlicí on the line 020.

Because of maintenance works, trains will be replaced by buses also in the section Chrudim město – Hrochův Týnec since 7 until 26 August.  

South Moravia

In the period of 3 May - 10 September, operation is stopped on both main tracks in Brno between Brno-Hlavní nádraží and Židenice.

Several restrictions will occur on the line 250. Exactly for the period of school holidays, operation will be completely stopped on both main tracks due to a reconstruction between Tišnov and Vlkov u Tišnova. During July and August, operation will be assured on a single main track only between Brn-Královo Pole and Kuřim. For several more days, exactly up to 8 September, the same restrictions will occur in the connecting section Kuřim - Tišnov.

Due to bridge repairs, trains will not run since 24 July until 16 August in the cross-border section from Velká nad Veličkou to Vrbovce (Slovakia).

Due to maintenance works between the stations Sokolnice-Telnice and Brno-Hlavní nádraží, buses will also replace trains in the period of 29 July – 13 August.

Central and East Moravia

Operation is going to be interrupted in the period of 23 – 31 July on the line 340 in the section Ostrožská Nová Ves – Kunovice.

Repairs of switches will cause a closure in line sections from Šumperk to Libina and to Petrov nad Desnou since 1 until 14 August.

Buses will also replace trains on the line 341 where repairs of the section Bohuslavice nad Vláří – Bylnice will take place since 10 until 31 August.   

North Moravia and Silesia

For the period of 1 July – 28 August, a closure on the line 310 is planned in the section from Valšov to Dětřichov nad Bystřicí due to bridges’ repairs.

Trains will also not be running since 3 until 25 July on the line 322 due to culvert repairs between the stations Hnojník and Dobrá u Frýdku-Místku.

Operation will be interrupted between Štramberk and Veřovice on the line 325 since 22 July until 30 August.

The final larger restriction is a closure of the first main track between Albrechtice u Českého Těšína and Chotěbuz which will last since 4 August until 15 September.

Passengers can find more information about line closures on the websites of individual carriers.


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