Passenger Buildings Reconstruction Works Start in Přerov and Lipník nad Bečvou


Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) started reconstruction works of two passenger buildings at the same time in the Olomouc Region. These projects became the first investment of a broader scope in the region to be followed by other projects next year. The reconstruction of the historically preserved Přerov Railway Station will focus mainly on the internal and external premises next to the first platform including the hall and the roof. The Lipník nad Bečvou Station building also awaits a comprehensive modernization. The required improvements of premises for passengers along with the revitalization of the external parts of the building are also taken into account. The total investment cost of both buildings amounts to less than 33 million CZK.

“Within the transfer of stations, we also took over the project documentation together with the construction permit for several construction projects from České dráhy, a.s. These projects included the passenger buildings in Přerov and Lipník nad Bečvou in the Olomouc Region. Upon the necessary document updates, we were in a position to begin the preparation of constructions and the follow-up bids of contractors”, Mr. Gabriel Jursa, Director of the Passenger Stations Administration of SŽDC, is quoted as saying. “The Přerov Station reconstruction works will take place in collaboration with preservationists. We have divided it into three stages with the completion of construction works being foreseen by the end of next year. We assume to finish the reconstruction works in Lipník nad Bečvou by the end of November 2018”, Mr. Jursa added.

The first stage of works in the Přerov Station will focus on the reconstruction of premises next to the 1st platform. The facade and both the windows and the doors will be reconstructed.  In the first quarter of the next year, the works will continuously be extended to the interior of the premises located on the first floor. Improvements also occur in the former technological premises to serve newly to the passengers together with the adjacent courtyard. All the fillings will be replaced and the high humidity of masonry will be removed with the facade to be repaired as a follow-up. In the courtyard, the new pavement will be tilled and the access for disabled persons will be ensured. In the last stage, the construction works will be focused on the roof, particularly a comprehensive replacement of roofing to include the plumbing elements with the partial intervention in the construction of the roof being necessary as well. The cost of all three stages of the revitalization of the Přerov Station will amount to nearly 18 million CZK.

The passenger building in Lipník nad Bečvou requires a necessary modernization of both the exterior parts and the interior. The reconstruction works include the insulation of the entire outer shell, a comprehensive replacement of the windows and the doors, and a repair of the roof. Within the project, construction workers have to focus on the internal wirings, the installations or the sewerage system. A minor layout improvement, particularly in the social facilities both for the passengers and for the railway staff will precede the revitalization of the inner premises as such. The project also foresees that facilities for passengers in the form of new cash desks and the vestibule will be constructed. All the improvements mentioned make it possible to demolish partly the existing non-compliant extensions containing the warehouses and the kitchen of the restaurant. Total investment cost of this project will amount to nearly 15 million CZK.

In the upcoming five years, SŽDC will start various construction projects of a broader scope nearly in fifty stations within the whole Olomouc Region. Reconstruction works of the passenger buildings in Hanušovice amounting to nearly 44 million CZK, in Šternberk to 31 million CZK or in Velká Bystřice to ca. 5.5 million CZK will be listed as the most significant next year. The exact amounts for reconstruction works of the stations will come out of the project documentation being under preparation one by one. In 2019, more voluminous works are expected to be delivered in the Kojetín Station amounting to nearly 50 million CZK or the reconstruction of a local station in Prostějov with an estimated cost amounting to ca. 25 million CZK.


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