Festive launch of the reconstruction of the railway station Přerov


Přerov, 24/02/2011 – „The Reconstruction of the railway station Přerov, Ist construction“ has been officially launched on today´s festive occasion. The project has been proposed to be co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).



The significance of the railway junction Přerov on the network of the railway transit corridors is principally underlined through its position. Přerov is one of the significant railway junctions on II Railway Transit Corridor Břeclav – Přerov – Petrovice u Karviné, as well as the connecting branch Přerov – Česká Třebová. Also, the line Brno – Přerov runs into the railway junction Přerov. The whole construction is implemented on the territory of the Olomouc region and is situated on the cadastral territories of Horní Moštěnice, Lověšice u Přerova and Přerov. The line of II Railway Transit Corridor is part of the European route Gdynia – Gdaňsk – Katowice – Petrovice u K. – Ostrava – Břeclav – Wien – Villach – Jesenice – Ljubljana – Rijeka). The link between Katowice and Břeclav is one of the most important international transportation paths on the territory of the Czech Republic.

„The reconstruction of the yard of the railway station Přerov related to the 1st construction includes double tracks through the junction including the layout of the passenger station. After the reconstruction, the line speed of the station forecourt will be 160 km/h, and of the passenger station except for the platform edges 80 km/h. The reconstruction of the railway superstructure and the rehabilitation of the railway substructure will be carried out including a new drainage and the reconstruction of bridge structures,“ commented on today´s festive occasion Ing. Pavel Habarta, MBA, SZDC Executive Director.

As the title reveals, the construction is divided into two parts. The 1st construction begins on km 178,480 in the railway section Otrokovice – Přerov, and then it proceeds via the station forecourt and passenger station as far as km 185,615 of the railway section Přerov – Prosenice and on km 184,611 of the railway section Přerov – Dluhonice. The remaining subsections of the railway section Přerov – Prosenice, Přerov – Dluhonice including the overtaking station Dluhonice and track No. 1S of Dluhonice junction are included in the 2nd construction.

The implementation started in September 2009 as the contractor took over the construction site. „For the time being, work at the station forecourt from the train stop Horní Moštěnice to Mádrův Underbridge has been carried out. Tracks have been reconstructed to ensure the speed 160 km/h and the Lověšický Underbridge has been repaired,“ said Ing. Michal Štefl, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of OHL ŽS, a.s. A south branch of the cable duct with a gallery under the passenger station was built and the steam pipe-line was relocated. The reconstruction of the Mádrův Underbridge started and it will be completed this year.

Passengers will be provided with a barrier-free grade-separated access to the platforms through a new – south underpass supplemented with lifts and the current reconstructed underpass. The current canopy of the platforms will be reused and mounted to new platforms. The heavy-current distribution systems, the lighting of the railway station and the contact line system will be reconstructed. New electronic interlocking of 3rd (state-of-the-art) category will be installed – managed from the Unified Control Place. This interlocking will allow expanding by the ERTMS/ETCS system. New local cabling, telecommunication devices including the information system and the traffic control facility will be established. In order to protect the residential area against the noise induced by rail transport, noise-protection measures will be implemented.

The costs of the construction implementation total CZK 4 108 104 000 without VAT (4 920 744 421 with VAT).

The project „Reconstruction of the railway station Přerov, 1st construction“  has been proposed to be co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion fund under the Operational Programme Transport. The EU contribution may represent up to 79,85 %, i. e. approximately CZK 2 915 679 569 of the eligible costs.

Basic data:

Region: Olomouc
Investor: Správa železniční dopravní cesty, state organization
Developer: MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc a.s.
Contractor: Association Přerov, OHL ŽS a.s. (chief member), EUROVIA CS, a.s. and  AŽD Praha s.r.o.

Duration of the construction:     09/2009 – 01/2014

More detailed data on this reconstruction: http://www.szdc.cz/en/modernizace-drahy/prehled-staveb/op-doprava/prerov-1.stavba.html

Construction data  
Railway superstructure (UIC 60, elastic fastening) 11 551 m
(S49, elastic fastening) 3 482 m
track R65 (applied) on concrete sleepers SB 589 m
track R65 (applied) on new wooden sleepers 349 m
restored superstructure S49 and R65 (including sleepers) 3 148 m
new switches UIC 60 65
new switches  S49 21
restored switches 12
underpass reconstruction 1
new underpass 1
railway bridge (reconstruction) 4
railway culvert (reconstruction) 2
canopy of island platforms (reconstruction) 1 888 m2
new 1 722 m2
noise barrier 1 030,8 m
new distribution substation 3kV for EPZ 2
reconstruction of distribution substation 3 kV pro EPZ 1
distribution switch heating 98
length of electrified tracks 68 km
station interlocking (SZZ) 3rd category railway station Přerov
switch units (SZZ) 199
flashing light crossing signals – (PZS) 1






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