SŽDC Decided on Infrastructure Capacity Allocation on the Line Praha - Brno


Správa železniční dopravní cesty decided within the legitimate term, i.e. up to 30 November 2016 on allocating infrastructure capacity in case of applications submitted by the carriers České dráhy and RegioJet for identical connection routes on the line Praha – Brno. The infrastructure manager had to wait i.a. for the court decision concerning a claim of one of the carriers for issuing a preliminary measure consisting in a prohibition of infrastructure allocation on the required train route to the other carrier.

The full-up capacity of Brno-Hlavní nádraží (Brno Main Station) does not allow meeting applications of both carriers within the times they required. The infrastructure manager must take a decision pursuant to Section 34f of the Act on Rail Systems. During the infrastructure allocation procedure, it abides by the respective provisions of the Network Statement according to which in cases the number of applications exceeds the infrastructure capacity the IM follows the principles of coordination of applications and priority criteria.

Based on facts mentioned above, infrastructure capacity for the route Praha - Brno - Bratislava with departure from Praha-Hlavní nádraží at 3.19 PM and in the opposite direction from Brno at 7.09 AM has been allocated to the carrier RegioJet, namely based on the fact that the connections mentioned above assure transport servicing in international scale as ordered. Based on given criteria of the Network Statement, item 4.4 “Rail infrastructure capacity allocation process”, the international connections as agreed have higher priority. The train with departure from Praha at 4.19 PM and in the opposite direction from Brno at 8.09 AM will be operated by České dráhy as the carrier RegioJet applied for capacity only by a so-called late application.

The connection route from Praha-Hlavní nádraží to Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště with departure at 5.19 PM and in the opposite direction with departure at 6.09 AM from Brno-Hlavní nádraží has also been allocated to the carrier RegioJet. The decisive factor was the number of connections as the carrier RegioJet applied for capacity concerning these connections for every day and the extent of transport services is higher.

Capacity for required routes Praha – Brno – Bratislava with departure from Praha at 7.19 AM and from Brno-Hlavní nádraží at 5.09 PM has also been allocated to the carrier RegioJet. Capacity for required routes with departure at 6.19 PM from Praha and at 3.09 PM from Brno has been allocated to České dráhy. No collision occurred in applications of both carriers for these routes however.

In case of disagreement with the decision of SŽDC, the respective applicants may ask the rail administration authority, i.e. Drážní úřad (Rail Authority) for re-examination of the rail infrastructure capacity allocation process, including the result of this re-examination.


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