SŽDC Accelerates Preparations for More Important Investments


Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) included more important investments in its plan of preparations, e.g. modernization of the Brno railway junction first parts, adding a second track to the section Branický most – Krč – Spořilov in Prague or reconstructing the ceiling of the new ticket hall at the Prague Main Station. Now, orders for separate stages of project documentations are going to be placed and project for the implementation as such will be in preparation.

SŽDC wants to offer all carriers an extension of storage capacities in the Prague railway junction; that is why it prepares two sites for building the trackage for detaching train-sets including the corresponding background. This will take place in the Malletova locality at Praha-Libeň which can be reached from Masaryk Station. The storage site will be designed for short-term off-peak hours detaching of passenger transport train-sets without the need to have them transferred to the locality of Libeň or Holešovice. More capacity will be provided by the premises of the former marshalling yard at Vršovice on both sides of corridor relocation between Hostivař and Vršovice currently under implementation. It will complete in a suitable way the insufficient capacities of Odstavné nádraží jih (Storage Yard South) which is owned by České dráhy and at the same time replace the abandoned storage capacities in the Smíchov locality.

Other investments in preparation are situated on our capital’s territory as well. These concern adding a second track to the line section Branický most (Braník Bridge) – Krč – Spořilov. ”The construction is related to adding more capacity to the line for the future tangential line S7; it will also deal with modernization of Praha-Krč Station for the possibility to build a new train change terminal Metro D-line/train. The line is also important for deviating trains during closures at the Prague railway junction, e.g. during the reconstruction of the Výtoň railway bridge currently in preparation“, says Mr.  Mojmír Nejezchleb, Deputy Director General of SŽDC for Infrastructure Modernization.

The second construction is a reconstruction of the ceiling in the new ticket hall at Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Station). It will deal with the unsatisfactory state of the roofing construction, especially in-leaks into the main stations’ ticket hall. SŽDC wants to cooperate with the city of Prague while looking for a new use of the current parking area situated across the historical passenger building.

In Brno, preparations of a new construction will start in the first section of the line Brno – Přerov between Brno and Blažovice. This concerns modernization and partly a new construction of the line that is directly connected to the Brno railway junction’s reconstruction. Its implementation will help to increase the number of long-distance and regional passenger trains and at the same time to introduce a maximum speed of 200 kph. It includes also a complete modernization of Brno-Slatina railway station together with a construction of new centre platforms and modifications in their vicinity. Moreover, preparation for opening a new railway stop near Brno Airport will be dealt with as well.

Another construction is also related to the railway junction’s reconstruction start in the South Moravia capital - modernization of Brno-Židenice Station. It will be important primarily for passengers as it will include construction of a new underpass and moving the platforms closer to tram stations in order to improve change connections. Project preparation will be closely coordinated with the city of Brno to assure a suitable connection with the surrounding development terrains within the premises of the former Zbrojovka factory. Although the modernization is primarily important for passenger transport, the project will also include a verification of possible modifications to improve conditions for freight trains’ operation.


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