SŽDC will open an extended part of Plzeň Main Station underpass


Plzeň, 12 December 2013 – Starting on Monday 16 December, passengers at the Plzeň Main Station will be able to use a newly built underpass leading from Platform No 4 up to Šumavská Street. Its partial opening was facilitated by gradual implementation of the Plzeň railway node transit project. All construction works will be completed in May next year.



The construction’s objective is especially modernisation and partial reconstruction of a further part of Rail Transit Corridor III which fulfils the role of an important connection with Germany and other Western Europe countries on the Plzeň – Cheb section. In domestic long-distance passenger transport, it connects important population centres in the regions of Central Bohemia, Plzeň and Karlovy Vary. After the works’ completion, Plzeň Main Station will be connected to the beginning of the already finished construction Plzeň – Stříbro, including modernisation of Plzeň Jižní předměstí railway station.

The key construction objects are reconstructions of bridges on the Radbuza river, over Prokopova Street and Vejprnická Street and on the Vejprnice stream. The construction includes complex reconstruction of Plzeň Main Station underpasses which will be extended to Šumavská Street and Železniční Street. The construction comprises also track adaptations, construction and reconstruction of platforms at Plzeň Jižní předměstí station including barrier-free access. Other works concern adaptation of safety and signalling equipment, laying new cables, cable duct and overhead line construction, anti-noise measures and modernisation of the information system for passengers.

The construction started at the end of 2011. All works and continuous closures are currently finished, only works on Main Station underpasses and related constructions objects are still under way. Operation proceeds on new railway superstructure between the Radbuza bridge (included) and Jižní předměstí station. Four new platforms with barrier-free access are finished here already. Works are finished likewise on bridges over Vejprnická Street and the Vejprnice stream including an anti-noise barrier and works on tracks.

As of 16 December, a partial opening of Plzeň Main Station underpasses is planned. Passage from Platform No 4 up to Šumavská Street will be enabled, although with certain limitations. The exit to Železniční Street will be finished during the next year. On completion of this exit, the road around the post office will be adapted as well. Both the Main Station area and the Jižní předměstí station area will be still affected by minor works, especially terrain adaptations resulting from final inspections.

Financial resources are provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. After approval of this project by the European Commission, a decisive part of costs will be co-financed from the EU Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport. The EU contribution can amount up to 72.44% of eligible costs which represents a sum of 668.245,976 CZK.

Main construction assets:

  • Increasing travelling comfort (barrier-free access to platforms)
  • Increasing railway operation safety
  • Decreasing the noise burden for citizens and visitors of the city
  • Extending the Plzeň Main Station underpass to Šumavská Street and Železniční Street
  • New platforms at Plzeň Jižní předměstí railway station.


Designation: Passage through railway node Plzeň in direction Rail Transit Corridor III
Investor:  Railway Infrastructure  Administration, state organisation (SŽDC)
Supplier: Skanska a.s., division Železniční stavitelství
Designer: SUDOP PRAHA a.s. 



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