Project of the construction Rokycany – Pilsen completed


Completion of the modernization project related to the railway section Rokycany - Pilsen

Pilsen, 23/11/2009 – Implementation of another section of III National Transit Corridor has approached. The project of the Modernization of the railway section Rokycany – Pilsen which is a part of the railway axis Prague - Nürnberg has been successfully completed. The investor of the project is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General said: "The most significant part of the future construction is the line relocation.This step will result in shortening the section between Rokycany and Pilsen by more than 6 km and thus cutting the travelling time."

The railway connection Prague – Nürnberg is described in the Annex III of TEN directive (Decision No.884/2004/EC) and is one of the TEN priority projects within the railway axis No. 22 Athens – Sofia – Budapest – Vienna – Prague – Nürnberg/Dresden and its cross-border section Nürnberg – Prague. For that reason the development of the project for the Modernization of the railway section Rokycany – Pilsen was co-funded by the European Union from the TEN-T budget under the EU assistance for the development of Trans-European Network at a maximum amount of EUR 2.938.000,-. The residual part of the costs of the project preparation was covered with the assistance of the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure.

The project of the Modernization of the railway section Rokycany – Pilsen is also a part of the modernization of the western branch of III Railway Transit Corridor Cheb – Pilsen – Prague - Česká Třebová – Ostrava - Mosty u Jablunkova to which implementation the Czech Republic is obliged under international agreements.

The project focuses on the Modernization of the railway section Rokycany – Pilsen (these stations exclusive) in the railway section Prague – Pilsen. The objective of the modernization of the railway section Prague – Pilsen is to achieve higher speed parameters of the line in order to cut the travelling time of train connections and simultaneously to perform the modernization of railway constructions and facilities so that they can comply with the required technical parameters for the enhancement of the line speed as well as the enhancement of the railway operation safety. Passengers will experience a more comfortable way of travelling.

Considerable benefit lies in achieving safe passage capability of rail vehicles of line class D4 UIC, loading gauge UIC GC, modernization of the current safety and signalling equipment, providing the required line capacity and enhancing the maximum line speed of up to 160 km/h, i.e. complying with AGC and AGTC parameters along the whole section and the implementation of the European Rail Traffic Management System.

The objective of the project development was to define the most convenient technical-economical concept of the Modernization of the railway section Rokycany – Pilsen including a draft of the construction organization, determining expenses, complex statutory consultation and arranging a building permit. The documentation also includes geotechnical and building-technical surveys necessary for the concept of the technical solution. With respect to the path passing through the countryside the emphasis is put on architectural inclusion of new and important structures in the territory.

One of the goals of the modernization on this branch Prague – Pilsen is to achieve a travelling time of less than an hour for passenger trains between Prague and Pilsen. The overall concept of the respective construction is very helpful when the track lining and the relocations of subsections and some other construction work on other facilities allowed enhancing the line speed from 90-100 km/h to 120-160 km/h for standard train sets. Units with tilting boxes can be operated in this modernized section at the homogeneous speed of 160 km/h.

The project documentation of the Modernization of the railway section Rokycany – Pilsen was developed by the company SUDOP Praha, a.s.

The drafted construction modifications will subsequently allow a higher speed of up 200 km/h on a part of the modernized section (on the joint path of the high-speed line and a conventional railway line). The line relocation is directed in line with the view position of the high-speed line (HSL) partly on new grounds and below terrain formations Homolka and Chlum it runs in a tunnel. The length of the tunnel from the eastern (entry) portal to the western (exit) one is 4150 m. This cuts the length of the line by approximately 6100 m. Future prospects count on the speed of up to 200 km/h from the position of the intended connection of the high-speed line to the conventional line to the western portal of the tunnel, which represents an approximately 4km- long section.

The start of the construction is anticipated for 2010 and its completion in 2015.

Tunel Chlum

Comparison of the new (shorter) route between Pilsen and Ejpovice with the current route
and the portal of the projected tunnel Chlum

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