Policemen Residing at Prostějov Railway Station


Today, SŽDC festively handed over the reconstructed administration premises at Prostějov Main Station to the Czech Police. This is the first case of using a railway building by state institutions after passenger buildings were taken over by SŽDC. Other officials will be gradually taking their place at railway stations. The infrastructure manager currently holds discussions with dozens of institutions throughout our whole country.   

”By taking over the passenger buildings’ administration, we solved besides modernisation preparation also the way of using currently unused premises, often with excess capacity. We had a clear objective of preserving the basic transport role of station buildings but also promoting their society-wide importance. We started addressing institutions and state administration bodies as well as individual municipalities and offered them a possible use of railway stations. From the very beginning, we cooperate in this area with the Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs (ÚZSVM). Currently we deal with 46 subjects from which 16 are subordinate to ÚZSVM, the rest is being discussed with local governments“, explains Mr. Tomáš Drmola, Deputy Director General for Assets Management and adds: ”Prostějov Main Station je is the first one which state employees will transfer to. We are currently discussing other possibilities of cooperation with the Czech Police. We are considering using premises at railway stations in Kralupy nad Vltavou, Břeclav and in a long term at Opava západ station“.

”We definitely welcome the possibility of using reconstructed and quite satisfactory premises provided to us by SŽDC and we thank it hereby not only for its offer but also for a very accommodating approach. We assume that approximately four dozens of policemen will move to the new premises. Their activity will strengthen the railway station’s prestige and improve security  in the neighbourhood as well“, says Mr. Tomáš Landsfeld, Director of the Regional Police Directorate of Olomoucký Region and adds: „Policemen would like to move to these premises up to the end of the year at the latest after acquiring necessary material equipment and putting all technologies into operation. The public will be informed in time about the opening of this police station“.

Individual official of the State could be also relocated in North-western Bohemia. For instance, the Fund of Further Training has a background at railway stations Sokolov, Podbořany and Louny, premises are being prepared in Aš. The local self-government will offer clubrooms for free-time activities at Štěpánov railway station. At Děčín railway station, the premises are being used by the “Czech Switzerland” information centre. Based on the Memorandum of cooperation, i.e. a loan contract, the lessee always covers all costs for services related to the premises’ lease.

The current passenger building at Prostějov main station replaced the original building from 1869 which was completely destroyed at the end of World War II. It was being built from 1948 to 1952 and it was not distinctly modified since then. It was completely modernised in the years 2003 - 2006. Last year, ÚZSVM declared its interest in administration parts of the station and SŽDC included modification of the premises among its priority constructions for 2017.

Relocating the Czech Police to its new seat at Prostějov station was preceded by necessary repairs of the stokehold, electrical, sewer and duct distribution as well as data networks. Construction adaptations off all internal office premises followed, i.e. floors including flooring, plasters or doors’ exchange. The construction dealt also with modernisation of lavatories. Besides the room designed for policemen, other unused premises of a former hotel were equipped as well and operation personnel have been relocated there. Modifications included especially repairs of wiring, floors, plasters, lavatories and exchanging doors. Total costs of all repair works amounted up to CZK 12.6 million.






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