Noise protection measures in Poděbrady


Works on noise protection measures in Poděbrady accomplished

Prag, 20/01/2010 - Main works contributing to the reduction of noise stress in Poděbrady induced by the railway transport operation have been accomplished. Worn-out rails have been replaced and rail noise absorbers have been applied in ČR for the second time. These noise protection features have been successfully applied abroad and in our country they have been tested in Havlíčkův Brod for the first time. Rail absorbers reduce the noise stress by approximately 2-6 dB.

The construction on the line running through the spa town of Poděbrady was implemented by the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization in the IV Q of 2009. These precautions also involved a time-limited permission to operate a noise source which was issued for SŽDC by the Regional Hygiene Station of the Central-Bohemian region in October 2006.

The construction was preceded by an acoustic study examining the relevant region and which unequivocally excluded the alternative of standard noise barriers which could not be installed near level crossings in order to meet set visibility clearance of the road users. The afore-described measures were implemented in two phases in October and November 2009 in the railway section between 313,827 and 314,700 (between the crossing in Revoluční Str. and U bažantnice/Na hrázi).

The measurement up to now has proved real reduction of noise stress. It is apparent that certain measures contributing to the reduction of noise stress also have to be applied by carriers. The more up-to-date the rail vehicle passing through the relevant railway section is, the higher the measure efficiency is. E.g. with ČD sets of 471 CityElefant series the difference in the noise emission prior and after the implementation of the measure comes to 7-8 dB. The reduction of noise stress must be further promoted by the carriers through their rolling stock upgrade. The European Commission as well as various European railway associations prepare incentives for carriers to make especially the freight rolling stock accommodate current trends towards the reduction of noise stress as soon as possible.

Another precaution that may contribute to the reduction of noise stress in the region will relate to rail grinding with a special grinding set with adequate off-set.

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