The Railway Infrastructure Administration opens a tunnel in Mosty u Jablunkova


Mosty u Jablunkova, 30th May 2013 – Today morning operation in the double-track tunnel in Mosty u Jablunkova has started. Complete operation of the tunnel, i.e. including track 1 is planned for July 2013. The tunnel construction started within the project of optimization of the track on the Slovak state border in 2007.The new body tube of the tunnel was excavated in June 2009 and is 612 metres long. The construction should completely

finished in the end of this year.


At this time only a single-track tunnel number I Kalchberg was in operation, trains could not cross each other within and moreover the speed was limited. This one will not be out of operation completely when double-track operation starts however. One half of the tunnel will be filled and the second one will be connected by a corridor with the new tunnel and will serve as an emergency gallery for rescue squads.

”Opening of any railway construction is always a big event for me. And it is not otherwise in case of such an important tunnel. Operation opening of the Jablunkov tunnel will considerably shorten journey times of trains which will help to increase comfort for passengers and make railway freight transport more efficient,“ says the Director General of SŽDC Mr. Jiří Kolář.

The objective of the Optimization of the track on the Slovak state border – Mosty u Jablunkova – Bystřice nad Olší, a part of which is the reconstruction and modernization of the Jablunkov tunnel, is ensuring a speed of 120 km/h for freight trains and up to 160 km/h for passenger trains.

The construction of the tunnel is realized by the Association SRB, represented by the company Subterra, OHL ŽS, and TCHAS. Construction of the double-track tunnel II was carried out by the Austrian tunnel method due to bad geological conditions.. The project of the line optimization is financed from the Cohesion Fund of the Operational Programme Transport and the State Transport Infrastructure Fund.


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