Transit through the railway junction Kolín completed


Kolín, 29th April 2010 - Another significant construction of the railway network of the Czech Republic has been completed. Now, in the railway junction Kolín standard sets can achieve the speed of 120 km/hour and tilting boxes 155 up to 160 km/hour. The island platforms at the station and in the train stops Kolín dílny and Kolín zastávka have a contemporary look. 2 level crossings have been reconstructed, supplemented with signal lights and gates. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).

Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General commented on this festive occasion: „The accomplished construction meets all parameters necessary for contemporary and comfortable operating, of both the long-distance and regional transport. There are also optimal conditions for a barrier-free movement of the disabled people. There are five staircase platforms for the access to the platform. A new ramp provides the access to the main station building. Visually impaired people can use a new orientation system for self-reliant and safe movement. “

The Construction „Transit through the railway junction Kolín“ commenced in November in 2006 and was completed in April this year. The investor of the construction was the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization; the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure provided the funds. The cost of the construction totalled CZK 1, 78 billion. The overall developer was SUDOP Praha, joint-stock company. The chief contractor association was EUROVIA CS, joint-stock company. Ing. Martin Borovka, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of EUROVIA CS commented on the construction:“This project applied a unique solution of an electronic signalling; the railway junction in Kolín is contemporary as well as safe. “ Other members of the association were the joint-stock companies OHL ŽS and Metrostav and AŽD Praha, Ltd.

The railway station Kolín is situated in the intersection of two national lines, Česká Třebová – Prague (part of I Railway Transit Corridor) and Havlíčkův Brod – Nymburk and is also the branch-off station for the regional line Kolín – Ledečko. The construction on the line Česká Třebová – Praha starts on km 343,700 as a follow-up to the Modernization of the railway section Kolín – Přelouč and ends on km 350,071 as a follow-up to the Modernization of the railway section Poříčany – Kolín. Due to the reconstruction of the railway bridge (intersection with the line Havlíčkův Brod – Nymburk), the construction also affects this line. On the superstructure, 11 704 metres of the new track grid - shape UIC 60 on concrete sleepers with elastic fastening were embedded in the main tracks. Also embedded were 34 new switches - shape UIC 60, 4 new switches - shape S 49, 4 restored ones of the same shape and 11 restored switches - type R 65.

A unique method has been applied in terms of the safety and signalling installation for the railway station Kolín using two electronic interlockings ESA11 positioned in two new technological buildings. One of these buildings also houses the Railway Office with three unified control places and a large-screen display of the situation at the station. The recently built facility allows controlling more than 1 700 train and shifting paths by means of one computer; over 200 signals have been installed here, 160 switches are controlled and over 300 km of cables have been laid. The new safety and signalling equipment includes five crossings - type PZZ-RE and a new line safety and signalling installation of the 3rd category AHP-03 with the signal box „Dobešovice“ on the line Kolín – Ratboř. In order to ensure practicability of switches in the main and crossover tracks and of the successive switches of the infrastructure of the transit through the railway junction Kolín in winter months, a new electric switch heating has been installed.

Island platforms No. 2 and 3 at the railway station Kolín were upgraded to the length of 400 metres; the height of the platform edge is now 550 mm over the top of rail to allow and easier access and exit.

Platform No. 1 and 1A and platforms in the train stops Kolín dílny and Kolín zastávka have been reconstructed and a new station canopy has been added. There is a new electronic (audio and visual) information system at the station and in the train stops Kolín dílny and Kolín zastávka.

Under the construction, 8 bridge structures, 10 culverts, 923 metres of retaining walls and 833 metres of embankment walls were reconstructed. There is a new foobridge which replaced the level crossing at the train stop Kolín zastávka. There are 276 m of noise barriers and individual noise-protection measures have been applied to 280 structures.


Technical data  
Length of the reconstructed section: 6,4 km
Restored superstructure R 65: 954 m
New superstructure S 49: 497 m
New superstructure UIC 60: 11 704 m
New switches UIC 60: 34
New switches S 49: 4
Restored switches S 49: 4 4
Restored switches R 65: 11 11
Restored superstructure S49: 1 547 m 1 547 m
New overhead line masts: 271 271
New electric switch heating: 76 76
Reconstruction of bridges: 8 8
Reconstruction of culverts: 10 10
Reconstruction of retaining walls: 923 m 923 m
Reconstruction of embankment walls: 883 m 883 m
New footbridge: 1 1
Noise barriers: 276 m 276 m
Individual noise-protection measures: 280



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