Prevention train starting in north Moravia


Ostrava, Opava, 26 April 2016 – The railway is a synonym of safe traveling, provided basic rules of safety behaviour are met. Inexorable statistics of accidents constitute a strong impulse for České dráhy (Czech Railways - ČD) to carry on its activities this year as well in the field of prevention on the railway and to increase respect for rules clearly given. Today, the national passenger carrier together with its partners Správa železniční dopravní cesty (the Railway infrastructure Administration), the Czech Police and ČD Cargo starts the fourteenth year of the ČD’s successful project ”Prevention Train for a safe railway“, this time in north Moravia. On Tuesday and Wednesday 26 and 27 April at Ostrava-Svinov railway station and on Thursday and Friday at Opava východ railway station, the train will offer an unconventional projection of the film “You won’t make it!”, a discussion with investigators or first aid practice.

The Prevention train is based on unconventional communication with young people which proved very useful during the previous years. ”The Prevention train is one of the most important projects within social responsibility of the national carrier. Last year was unfortunately affected by the accident at Studénka, caused by reckless behaviour of a Polish truck driver. Therefore we will show consequences of inconsiderate behaviour of drivers and pedestrians to the students, right from the entourage of their region and city “, says Mr. Michal Štěpán, member of the Board of Directors of České dráhy and adds: ”We are well aware that most adults do not like sermons but they will accept observations from their children, think them over and change their habits. Therefore I believe that we can appeal to parents by the intermediary of their children and thus add more value to our project“.
”During last year, several tragic events unfortunately occurred again on the railway thanks to needless inattention or disrespect to basic safety rules. Same as during previous years, these events are being caused in vast majority by participants of road traffic and pedestrians. Therefore it seems necessary to continue such projects as the Prevention train. Confronting children with real investigators and real accident cases is still one of the most effective prevention methods “, said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of Správa železniční dopravní cesty.

The Prevention Train is dispatched by České dráhy and Správa železniční dopravní cesty together with other partners.

What will visitors find in the Prevention Train?

The first car is a special cinematic coach designed to project a quite new film. The acted documentary called “You won’t make it!” acquaints the public with basic safety rules on the railway and in its surroundings, it provides information about risky behaviour and it draws attention to its possible fatal consequences. The film is very emotional and effective because the individual stories are based on real-life exceptional events on the railway. The motivation for the creation of the film “You won’t make it!” was mainly shocking statistics of railway accidents.
In the second conference car, visitors can discuss with experts dealing with accidents on the railway. They will meet investigators of Správa železniční dopravní cesty and the Czech Police. The car is equipped with modern technology so that visitors will see and hear more than words only.
At the third station, a fire truck and firemen from SŽDC are waiting for students to show their work. There will be not only theory in talk; pupils and students can try providing first aid by themselves. They will experience an authentic simulation of saving a human life. Participants will be attended by railway firemen with long-year experience in action during railway accidents.
The projections are taking place at railway stations mentioned above always from 8:15 AM to 2:15 PM. A cycle for a single group lasts approximately 110 – 120 minutes. Students and pupils board the Prevention Train upon a reservation made in advance. The entry is free; all costs of this prevention event are borne by the project organizers.


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