ČD Prevention Train Starts, Spring Part Begins in České Budějovice


The successful project of České dráhy ”Prevention train for a safe railway” continues also this year. The train started its spring journey on Tuesday 18 April at České Budějovice railway station; from there it will head to Strakonice, Jindřichův Hradec and Tábor and finally to Benešov u Prahy in Central Bohemia. České dráhy has been organising the Prevention train event already since 2007. It is intended for pupils of primary schools and students of high schools and training centres. During ten years, 16 thousand young people have visited this unique train. The national carrier cooperates on the project with well-established partners: Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC), the Police of the Czech Republic and its own subsidiary ČD Cargo.

”Yearly statistics of accidents are still a strong impulse for České dráhy to continue with its activities in the field of prevention on the railway. Railway safety always becomes a big issue in the public after any serious tragedy as soon as is published by mass media. As the national carrier wants to prevent such tragedies in advance, we actively and systematically appeal to young people and show them right in the railway environment the necessity to respect laws and observe basic rules of safe behaviour”, said Mr. Michal Štěpán, Member of the Board of Directors of České dráhy.

Both for fire, as well as for the railway, it is a good servant but a bad master. All people taking unnecessary risks and underestimating dangers related to rail transport operation should become aware of this. It is a sad fact that young people appear among them in many cases. What is even sadder, their behaviour is often motivated not by ignorance but only by bragging. It is good that the Prevention train warns of this by a form that can address young people“, said Mr. Josef Hendrych, Deputy Director General of SŽDC for Traffic Control.       

The Prevention Train is dispatched by České dráhy and Správa železniční dopravní cesty together with other partners.


What will young people find on the Prevention Train?

The Prevention train is based on an unconventional way of communication with young people which proved to be very useful during previous years. České dráhy together with Správa železniční dopravní cesty prepared three stations for the participants to pass through.

The first car is a special cinematic coach where visitors can see an acted documentary called “You won’t make it!” It acquaints young people with basic safety rules on the railway and in its surroundings, it provides information about risky behaviour and it draws attention to its possible fatal consequences. Although the film is fictional, it is very emotional and effective because the individual stories are based on real-life exceptional events on the railway. The motivation for the creation of the film “You won’t make it!” was mainly shocking statistics of railway accidents.


At the second station, a fire truck and firemen are waiting for students to show their work. There will be not only theory in talk; pupils and students can try providing first aid by themselves. They will experience an authentic simulation of saving a human life. Railway firemen from SŽDC with long-year experience in action during railway accidents will attend to participants.

At the final part of the project, visitors can have discussions with experts dealing with accidents on the railway. They will meet investigators of Správa železniční dopravní cesty and the Police of the Czech Republic in a conference car which is equipped with modern technology so it will not be only about empty words.


Participation in the Prevention train event is free-of-charge; all costs are borne by organisers. The objective is to accomplish the Prevention train’s mission, i.e. to warn both children and adults of dangers on the railway, to assure a drop in accidents’ and often useless disasters’ occurrence. The cycle’s length for a single group is approx. 110 – 120 minutes. The maximum group’s size (corresponds to the cinematic car’s and conference car’s capacity) is 35 students. A visit has to be ordered in advance and as we can see the interest in České Budějovice schools is big as the dates are occupied already.


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