Enhancing operation safety on regional lines. SŽDC lays down carriers´ obligations on lines equipped with the RADIOBLOK system


Prague, 30/03/2011 – In connection with the completion of the pilot project „Enhancing safety on D3 lines in the railway section Číčenice – Volary“, the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC) introduces rules concerning rail operation on this line. Anticipated completion of the construction is November 2011.

Next, the Rail Authority will launch a test operation checking the functionality and reliability of the system. Immediately after the completion of the test operation, SŽDC´s directive comes into effect on the line and the RADIOBLOK system will be confirmed in the Network Statement and in the terms and conditions related to the access of carriers to this line. It means that trains which will not be equipped with the radioblok will not be dispatched; in other words, SŽDC will require that the carriers equip traction units with the radiobloks of this system.

Enhancing rail operation safety is one of the key and essential SZDC´s tasks. It is supported by the fact that we are preparing another deployment of the Radioblok system on the line Strakonice – Volary. We are currently picking other lines that could also be equipped with this system“, said Ing. Pavel Habarta, MBA, SŽDC´s Executive Director.

At the railway station Strunkovice nad Blanicí on 30. 3. 2011, the functioning of RADIOBLOK system was demonstrated in cooperation with the system supplier, the company AŽD Praha, s.r.o. The system safely stopped a train that started moving without permission.


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