Parameters of Line from Rokycany to Nezvěstice Improved Substantially due to Revitalization


Správa železniční dopravní cesty completed solemnly the revitalization of the line Rokycany – Nezvěstice in the section from Rokycany to Příkosice. Line speed improvements and a travel time reduction are the main benefits of the project. Moreover, the construction contributed further to improving security, driving comfort and line operation reliability.

In the context of construction, an exchange of the railway superstructure on the regional single-track line in the section Rokycany – Příkosice took place. In relation to this measure, an exchange or recycling of ballast took place, a continuous welded rail and its geometric position was created so as to improve line speed.

The builders reconstructed all bridge structures, i.e. 3 bridges and 33 culverts. In all stations and stops in the section Rokycany – Příkosice, new platforms with a boarding edge of 550 mm over the top of rail were created. The platforms were equipped by wheelchair access, guiding and warning bands for persons with reduced mobility. In the stations Příkosice, Mirošov and in the stop Kamenný Újezd u Rokycan, new platform shelters were built.

"The biggest compensations for passengers are in particular newly built platforms with wheelchair access and traffic acceleration on the line. For example, in the section Rokycany – Mirošov město, due to construction improvements it was possible to increase line speed to 80 km/h and in the section Mirošov město – Příkosice to 60 km/h," Mr. Lubor Hrubeš, Director of SŽDC Civil Engineering Administration West was quoted as saying.

"The biggest challenge for coordination of all participants in the construction was a very short continuous  line closure in demanding weather conditions by the end of 2015, when the construction needed to be initiated immediately due to drawing funds from the OPT 1 Programme," Mr. Roman Fuksa, Director of Metrostav′s Division 5 mentioned.

An improvement of a total of 24 level crossings was part of the revitalization as well with new level crossing systems being inserted. Both the line and station safety and signalling plants up to category level 3 were modernized on the entire line Rokycany – Nezvěstice. In the context of signal and telecommunication equipment, a new cabling was inserted and a passenger information system was established. Axle counters are used to indicate clear tracks and turnouts.

In accordance with the global objective of Priority Axis 3 of the Operational Programme Transport that is an improvement of transport performance outside the Trans-European Network TEN-T, an improvement of transport accessibility, provision of railway capacity and quality of railway operation for the perspective extent of transport was achieved. Another positive impact of the project is improving security at level crossings.

The project entitled Revitalisation of the line Rokycany – Nezvěstice was supported significantly by the funds from the European Union. It was a phased project with Project Phase I co-financed in the framework of OPT 2007-2013 and Project Phase II in the context of OPT 2014-2020. The total project cost (both Phase I. and II.) amounted to CZK 884,004,416 without VAT. The planned EU contribution from the Cohesion Fund for the entire construction amounted up to CZK 649,069,831. National financing was provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. Contractors of the work included the company Metrostav, Chládek & Tintěra, EDIKT and METROPROJEKT Praha.


Construction name Revitalization of the Line Rokycany – Nezvěstice
Construction Investor Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace

Metrostav a.s.

Chládek & Tintěra, a.s.
EDIKT a.s.
Start Date 09/2015
Completion Date 05/2017
Construction Total Costs CZK 884,004,416 excl. VAT
EU Contribution Approved CZK 649,069,831



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