Modernization of the line Rokycany – Plzeň has started


Ejpovice, 15 November 2013 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration started an important modernization of the line between Rokycany and Plzeň. It is a part of the trans-European backbone transport network and the national Transit Rail Corridor III leading from Prague via Plzeň and Cheb to the state border with Germany. After finishing modernization of the whole line between the capital and Plzeň, travelling by train should take less than an hour. Preparatory documentation and the construction project was elaborated by the company SUDOP Praha. Implementation will be carried out for a price of 3.9 billion CZK by the Association MTS+SBT - MTÚ Rokycany - Plzeň, with Metrostav a.s. as association leader and Subterra a.s. as member.



Mr. Jiří Kolář, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, describes the future features of the line as follows: ”The modernization should bring a shortening of train journey times and a rail operation safety increase. At the same time it will mean higher comfort for passengers and reaching maximum speed on the line up to 160 km/h. In perspective we envisage a speed up to 200 km/h on a section approximately four kilometres long “.

The construction deals with modernization of the line being led from Rokycany up to the stop Ejpovice mostly on the existing trackbed. The line is being relocated between Ejpovice and the stop Plzeň-Doubravka totally outside the current route and it will pass the Chrást u Plzně station. The relocation is implemented in accordance with the envisaged position of the high-speed line on new terrains, under terrain formations Homolka and Chlum it is led in the Ejpovice tunnel with two single-track tubes.

The current line path is being used from the stop Plzeň-Doubravka to Plzeň Main Station. Linking the corridor in direction to Chrást u Plzně station will be preserved as single-track and it will branch off from the newly built Ejpovice station. Thanks to the proposed directional and height path alignment, a speed of 120 km/h could be reached in the Rokycany – Ejpovice section, 160 km/h for classical train-sets on the relocation from Ejpovice and 160 km/h for tilting body units in the whole section.

“A priority objective is achieving a journey time less than one jour between Prague and Plzeň,“ says Mr. Kolář. In the section Rokycany – Plzeň as such, a time saving of approximately 9 minutes is expected for express and fast trains compared to the current situation. ”A crucial aspect is building the  Ejpovice tunnel with two single-track tubes linked together by connecting corridors. Both single-track tunnels from the eastern entry portal up to the western exit portal are 4,150 metres long,“ says the Director General Mr. Kolář about the most interesting parts of the whole modernization. According to Mr. Kolář’s statement, the current line will be thus shortened by more that 6 kilometres.

During reconstruction, bridges and culverts will be newly built or reconstructed, anti-noise barriers will be installed and current safety equipment will be modernized. It is assumed that operation will be controlled by a dispatcher from Rokycany station and in the future from a central workplace in Prague.

Travelling comfort will increase especially by a construction of new platforms. These will have a currently standard boarding edge 550 mm high. Moreover the platforms will assure barrier-free access and will have stripes for weak-eyed persons. Stations and stops will acquire new lighting and information equipment.

Together with line modernization, construction of the underpass in Potoční street is being prepared with the city of Plzeň as investor and it should be implemented together with corridor construction or following it. This construction is drawn up in a way to be independent from corridor construction and thus cannot endanger it in any way.

Financial resources for this project have been provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure, the decisive part should be provided based on a co-financing request by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport. The expected EU contribution could amount up to 77,06% of eligible costs. The tendered price for the implementation as such amounts to 3.972 billion Czech crowns.


Construction Designation Modernization of the line Rokycany - Plzeň
Railway superstructure  
Removal 35 143 m
Assembling rails UIC 60 28 132 m
Assembling rails S 49 1 338 m
Assembling switches 8 pcs
Tunnelled part 4 020 + 4 045 m
Dug part 60 + 70 m
Railway bridges new + adapted 16 pcs
Total length of bridging 199 m
Retaining and breast walls 731 m
Anti-noise barriers 7 120 m
Length of platform edges 850 m
New overhead line 32 100 m
New safety switch units 10 pcs
New double-track line automatic block 16 794 m



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