Railway section Šatov – Znojmo electrified


Festive completion of the Electrification of the railway section Šatov - Znojmo

Znojmo, 12/11//2009 – For the first time in history a train driven by an electric engine has arrived in Znojmo from Vienna today. The arrival of this special train festively concluded the construction Electrification of the railway section incl. PEÚ Šatov – Znojmo. Electrification and reconstruction of the line provides a direct link between Vienna and Znojmo including the enhancement of the line speed. The railway station Znojmo has also been equipped with modern platforms and a passenger information system and the Znojemsky viaduct over the valley of the Dyje river has undergone a technically challenging reconstruction.

The investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General said: "Completion of this construction is important in terms of the development of the regional railway transport as well as the enhanced integrity of the European Railway Network. The electrified section follows up with the previously reconstructed line from the state border with Austria to Šatov. Between Znojmo and Austria’s capital city Vienna there is a direct link without the need to swap locomotives. In addition to the reduction of the ecological impact and the enhancement of the railway operation safety there are also conditions allowing shorter travelling time."

Thanks to the electrification and total reconstruction, the line speed will be increased up to 90 km/h. The electrified line is equipped with the AC contact line system of ÖBB 15 kV 16 2/3 Hz. The section will also have a higher structural gauge (in line with loading gauge UIC GC) and a higher load capacity (in line with class D4). The rails S49 on concrete sleepers with elastic fastening were used as a material for the railway superstructure. Drainage with track bed will be built under new tracks. Modifications were applied to nearly 12.5 km of the railway superstructure and substructure, 8 bridges and 13 culverts and to signalling and communication equipment.

"The biggest change, besides the electric traction installation, was a full reconstruction of the railway station in Znojmo and the implementation of a new railway bridge over the Dyje river on its original pillars," said Ing. David Sichrovský, project manager of Skanska DS a.s. The new bridge superstructure is truss with the total length of 220 m and at a height of ca 50 m over the watercourse. In order to highlight the accomplished bridge structure, the Znojemský viaduct is illuminated, which creates a unique evening and nocturnal panoramic view.

In the railway station Znojmo there are two new platforms, at the track No. 1 outside the station building, and an island – partially roofed – platform between the tracks No. 2 and 4. Both platforms are divided in their central part by a crossing and path signals into two separate parts. The platforms have an edge at a height of 550 mm over the top of rail to facilitate the entry and exit of passengers. The new roofing of the island platform is architecturally adapted to the current roofing on the 1st platform. The station is equipped with a modern information system composed of eight information panels and a station announcement system. The loud-speaker installation is supplemented with voice beacons to facilitate the orientation for visually impaired fellow citizens.

Trains will be operated in the section Šatov – Znojmo as of 1st December (motor unit). Electrical operation will be launched with the new train traffic diagram, i.e. as of 13th December 2009.

In the inter-station section Šatov – Znojmo there is a new line safety and signalling equipment of the 3rd category - type automatic line block system without signal box on the line. Axle counters were used for checking the track capacity. All level crossings in the section Šatov – Znojmo, which were secured with warning crosses, are secured with new flashing light crossing signals – relay type with its own diagnostics. On top of that, three level crossings are equipped with gates.

The contractor of the construction is the association Skanska DS a.s., OHL ŽS a.s. and FIRESTA – Fišer, reconstruction, constructions a.s. run by the company Skanska DS. The investment costs total CZK 1, 231 billion. The construction was funded through the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure.

The project Electrification of the railway section Šatov – Znojmo, incl. PEÚ has been proposed to be co-funded by the European Union through the Operational Programme Transport. The total amount of the Cohesion Fund assistance may represent CZK 947 808 783.
Selected technical parameters

Track adjustments

  • Kilometres: 89,589 – 100,751 of the section Šatov – Znojmo (inclusive)
  • Superstructure: 12 454 m
  • New and regenerate switches: 13
  • New level crossings structures: 3 
  • New platform edges: 903 m

Bridge structures

  • Reconstruction of bridges and culverts: 19
  • Reconstruction of the Znojemský viaduct: 220 m
  • Reconstruction of the bridge over Vídeňská street: 28 m

Ground structures

  • Total area of adapted rooms: 625 m2
  • Length of the cable duct: 715 m
  • Station canopy: 686,5 m2

Heavy-current facilities

  • Equipping switches with electric switch heater: 17

Contact line system

  • Length of electrified lines: 12,8 km

Communication and signalling equipment

  • Lineside cable: 36,270 km
  • Diagnostic 24-fibre-optic cable: 13,1 km
  • Local cabling - metallic cables: 4,6 km
  • Flashing light crossing signals (3rd category) with gates: 3
  • Flashing light crossing signals (3rd category) without gates: 7

The station Znojmo is equipped with a state-of-the-art signalling installation of the 3rd category and a passenger information system (automatic loud-speaker installation and 8 information panels).

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