Main works Šatov - Znojmo completed


Main works on the electrified section Šatov - Znojmo completed

Znojmo, 01/09/2009 – The railway station in Znojmo has been fully completed within the construction Electrification of the railway section incl. related track improvement Šatov – Znojmo. Also, a technically challenging but successfully implemented reconstruction of the Znojemský viaduct over the valley of the Dyje river has been completed. The viaduct reconstruction also includes installation of lighting which will contribute to the promotion of the construction after its completion. At present, installation of a contact line system and signalling equipment is being implemented. The investor of the construction, which is valued at CZK 1,231 billion, is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

„The project is most significant since the section is linked to the earlier reconstructed line from the state border with Austria to Šatov. Between Znojmo and Vienna there will be a direct connection established by the electrified line and the cross-border railway infrastructure in the Znojemský region will be linked to the European network“, said Ing. Jan Komárek, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.


View of the station Znojmo from a footbridge (direction to Šatov)

The operation on the railway section Šatov – Znojmo will start late October, however, before the new train traffic timetable is released the trains from Austria still have to make their final stop in Šatov because the electric operation will be launched after the new train traffic timetable is effective. The first through train from Austria will thus not arrive in Znojmo until December according to the new timetable.

The construction is conducted by the association of Skanska DS a.s., OHL ŽS a.s. and FIRESTA – Fišer, reconstruction, constructions a.s. run by the company Skanska DS. „At present, we are focusing on the installation of tracks as well as the contact line system which is due to be completed in the first half of October. Afterwards, the activation of the signalling equipment will be finished. Shortly, three level crossings and one pedestrian crossing will be established. We still have to finish the paving, drainage of the slopes and landscaping“, added David Sichrovský from Skanska DS.

Thanks to the electrification and the full reconstruction of the line (railway superstructure and substructure, bridges and culverts, signalling and communication systems) the line speed will be enhanced to 90 km/h. The section will also have a bigger clear space for safe passage (compliance with the loading gauge of UIC GC) and higher loadability (compliance with class D4).


Znojmo – train of the Railway Electrification in the foreground

The project Electrification of the railway section incl. related track improvement Šatov – Znojmo has been proposed to be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport. The total amount from the Cohesion Fund may represent up to 85% of the costs, i.e. ca CZK 947MM.

Selected technical parameters

Track adjustments

  • Railway superstructure: 12 454 m
  • New and restored switches: 13
  • New level crossing structures: 3
  • New platform edges: 903 m

Bridge structures

  • Reconstruction of bridges and culverts: 19
  • Reconstruction of the Znojemský viaduct: 220 m
  • Reconstruction of the bridge over Vídeňská street: 28 m

Ground structures

  • Total area of adapted rooms: 625 m2
  • Length of cable duct: 715 m
  • Station canopy: 686,5 m2

Heavy-current equipment

  • Switches equipped with electric heating 17

Contact line system

  • Length of electrified lines: 12,8 km

Telecommunication equipment

  • Track cable: 36,270 km
  • Diagnostic 24-fibre-optic cable: 13,1 km
  • Local cabling – metallic cables: 4,6 km

The railway station Znojmo is equipped with a new station announcement system for passengers and 8 information panels.

Signalling equipment

  • The railway station Znojmo is equipped with a new signalling system of 3rd category
  • Flashing light crossing signals with gates: 3
  • Flashing light crossing signals without gates: 7

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