GSM-R seminar


Up-to-date communication technology on the railway of the Czech Republic

Prague, 15/10/2009 – A specialized seminar on the digitizing of national railway corridors was the final point prior to the festive completion of the project entitled GSM-R, Completion of the Ist National Railway Corridor. The railway corridor from the state border near Děčín via Prague and Brno as far as Břeclav and to the Austrian and Slovak border has been fully covered with the European digital radio-communication system GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communication – Railway). Simultaneously, there has been festive opening for a construction part of another project entitled GSM-R Břeclav - Přerov - Petrovice u Karviné that will provide the coverage of the transit connection Austria - Poland from Břeclav, via Přerov to Petrovice u Karviné.

The investor of the digitizing of the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General commented on the GSM-R technology: "The launch of this up-to-date technology for the communication within the rail operation from Germany to Austria and Slovakia markedly enhances the competitiveness of the Czech railway infrastructure. The locomotives of the trains passing through the Czech Republic are able to do with only one communication unit according to the European standards (EIRENE). This will significantly facilitate the access of operators to the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic. The digital coverage has also contributed to the safety of the railway operation."

For the development of applications required for a contemporary traffic control in the railway transport it was necessary to produce and to implement such a radio-communication system that will serve for the transmission of needed data and voice information between the solid railway infrastructure and mobile train units. And it was this specific use that demanded the application of the GSM-R system. The connection between the train unit and the traffic control has a number of specific requirements, such as the priority call, the secure data channel, transmission of control and security data etc. Karel Feix, Director of Kapsch s.r.o. offered more information about the GSM-R system: "It is a special communication system between the train and the ground traffic control which is characteristic not only of the communication itself, but of its 100% reliability. Safety is at stake and therefore the loss of communication or its interruption must be avoided. All these requirements are fulfilled by the professional digital system GSM-R which meets all European railway standards."

Building the network within the project GSM-R, Completion of the Ist National Railway Corridor lasted 19 months and was completed on 30th January 2009. In order to provide GSM-R radio signal coverage of the total number of 330 km, 60 base stations BTS and 13 repeaters were built. The project also included installation of ca 142 km-long optic cable and the line needed to be equipped with transmission systems.

Currently, another project entitled GSM-R Břeclav - Přerov - Petrovice u Karviné is being implemented. The GSM-R system will cover the railway section of Břeclav - Přerov - Hranice na Moravě - Ostrava Svinov - Ostrava hl. n. - Petrovice – state border. It is the second national railway corridor providing transit railway transport between Austria and Poland. The conditions of the construction are subject to European standards expressed by the abbreviation FIDIC. Along the total length of 207 km the construction includes 29 base stations BTS. 3 repeaters are going to be installed in order to cover hard-accessible locations. In terms of safety state-of-the-art technology will be installed in 23 new technological buildings.

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