We are opening six new railway stops in one single week, timetables are changing as well


Prague, 27 August 2014 – On Friday, 29 August, trains will start their stop in a completely new Praha-Podbaba railway stop, where a new, for a long time expected train-to-bus and train-to-tram change terminal is to be put into the operation. A day before, the original Bubeneč Railway Station will cease to serve for public transport.
Since 1 September, trains will make their stop also in other five new railway stops in Rudná and Hostivice area (Rudná railway stop, Chýně, Jinočany, Hostivice-Sadová and Hostivice-U hřbitova),  which means also a complete modification of the timetables applicable on railway lines Praha – Rudná u Prahy – Beroun and Praha-Smíchov Na Knížecí – Hostivice – Rudná. The Railway Infrastructure Administration and the Central-Bohemian Region invested jointly tens of millions of Czech crowns in this location.


The new railway stop is located directly at the tram terminus station of Podbaba; trains will start their stops there at 4.00 AM on Friday, 29 August. The stop has been constructed within the framework of a construction project called Optimisation of the railway line Praha-Bubeneč – Praha-Holešovice. So far, only one platform will serve for public transport, used by trains heading from both directions. Nevertheless each direction shall have its own platform in December 2014. The given line section will thus contribute to a full completion of the railway corridor construction project, final construction works will continue until spring 2015. The station costs approximately 30 million Czech crowns and is part of total costs invested into railway lines between Bubeneč and Holešovice. Estimated total costs of the works amount to 931 million Czech crowns.

In Podbaba, this will provide a train-to-train and train-to-public transport change terminal, having been expected for a very long time. Passengers heading to Prague by train from Kralupy nad Vltavou will be able to reach the Dejvice Metro Station by10 to 15 minutes faster than until now when they had to change in Bubeneč Railway Station and to wait for the bus No 131.

The Bubeneč area where the original railway station is located will be also serviced in the future by the bus line No 131 which leaves the station every 4 minutes on morning peak hours and every 6 minutes in the afternoon. The railway station itself will not cease its operation completely. Passenger transport will decrease, however the operating point will serve as a passing bay for train crossing.

Five new stops in Rudná and Hostivice areas
On Monday, 1 September, trains will start their stops in five new railway stops in Rudná and Hostivice areas. Local railway lines will be also operated with new train connections ordered by the Regional Authority of Central-Bohemian Region.

  • Hostivice-Sadová (service S65 Praha-Smíchov Na Knížecí – Hostivice – Rudná u Prahy)
  • Hostivice-U hřbitova (service S65 Praha-Smíchov Na Knížecí – Hostivice – Rudná u Prahy)
  • Chýně (service S65 Praha-Smíchov Na Knížecí – Hostivice – Rudná u Prahy)
  • Rudná railway stop (service S6 Praha-Smíchov – Rudná u Prahy – Nučice – Beroun)
  • Jinočany (service S6 Praha-Smíchov – Rudná u Prahy – Nučice – Beroun)

The Railway Infrastructure Administration built the railway stops for tens of millions of Czech crowns; access roads have been financed by the Central Bohemian Region.

Modern, illuminated platforms have been designed using pre-fab elements with anti-noise protection finish, with a platform boarding edge height of 550 mm. This allows passengers to board the trains directly at the train floor level. A new stop shelter has been designed using a concrete material with the *anti-vandalism* finish. Apart from benches, the platform contains also a trash bin, illumination and a showcase with information for passengers. The platform is also equipped with a ticket marking machine (ROPID).

”We strongly believe that namely urban-public transport service project may represent a key factor so that railway transport becomes a very interesting alternative for thousands of passengers who have been commuting to the Capital of Prague by personal cars,“ said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration at the inauguration presentation of the new railway stops. ”I believe that if anyone tries this mode of transport and discovers the way of travelling without waiting in overcrowded streets and everyday traffic jams he will fall in love with railway transport in the same way as I already have.,“ added Mr. Surý with a smile.

The interest of the local population westwards of the Capital of Prague in regular commuting to work by train is constantly growing, although a high highway and speed motor way capacity is available in the region,“  added Mr. Alois Kašpar, Director of the Regional Centre for Passenger Transport of České dráhy, and continued:  ”While ten years ago, Nučice and Rudná areas were serviced only by approximately ten trains a day fully meeting the local transport demand, nowadays we operate almost thirty trains daily with 30 a minutes interval during peak hours. Capacity and service quality has increased as well. Fully modernised Regionova units offer upholstered seats, moreover a low-floor section provides very suitable travel experience for mothers with strollers, wheelchairs or retirees. “    

Alois Kašpar also highlighted a significant potential of the railway route: ”Although these are not main corridor lines, the railway connections from Nučice through Rudná u Prahy to Smíchov, as well as the route connecting Rudná, Hostivice and the stop Na Knížecí at Anděl Metro Station have a significant potential for further growth of passenger demand. One of additional impulses for higher demand in terms of railway services will be a simultaneous opening of the new stops, providing better accessibility of railway transport to the wider public and population and saving them tens of minutes per month they currently spend commuting to work.“

”I welcome very much the new stops on the railway line from Prague to Rudná. They will provide a constantly growing local population in these outskirts of Prague with comfortable travelling for commuters, patients travelling to their doctor, customers travelling to shopping malls or seeking entertainment. The Central-Bohemian Region supports passenger railway transport which has both a very long tradition in the region and prospects for further development. The railway line from Prague to Rudná is one of the busiest lines being operated in the Central Bohemian Region. I assume that the


new stops will bring also new passengers. It is now up to the railway carrier to provide his passengers with safe, comfortable and punctual transport to their destination, “ said Mr. Miloš Petera, governor of the Central-Bohemian Region.

”Trains will now make their stops in locations where they only used to pass through, the railway network provides considerably better access to densely populated areas. Passengers from many municipalities will be now serviced faster and they will not have to make changes so often,“ said Mr. Pavel Procházka, authorized manager of ROPID.

In case of the S6 railway service from Prague via Rudná u Prahy to Beroun, the timetable is to be changed completely so that the new services are interconnected in Rudná. The S65 service from Knížecí Station in Prague to Hostivice will be operated with the same frequency, however almost all the trains will continue from Hostivice further to Rudná.


The stop is located between Praha-Zličín station and Hostivice station, operated by the S65 service from Knížecí station to Hostivice and further to Rudná.

Thanks to the new stop, the local population may enjoy a faster connection particularly to Smíchov. The train arrival time from here to Na Knížecí Station at Anděl is 24 minutes; the train arrival time to Dejvice (with change in Hostivice station) reaches unrivalled 21 minutes.

Hostivice-U hřbitova
The stop is located between Hostivice station and Hostivice-Litovice stop at the crossing with the old Karlovy Vary road. This route is operated by the S65 service from Knížecí to Hostivice and Rudná.

From the new stop at the cemetery of Hostivice, the train arrival time to Dejvice will be only 23 minutes, 33 minutes to Masaryk Station and 37 minutes to Na Knížecí by a direct train. For example, the average arrival time to Dejvice from this area by using the Prague Integrated Transport services was approximately 50 minutes.

The stop is located on the outskirts of Chýně between Rudná u Prahy station and Hostivice-Litovice stop. The route is operated by the S65 service and the local population may enjoy a new, faster connection particularly to Dejvice and the city centre of Prague.

A journey using a train from Chýně to Dejvice takes only 28 minutes with one change in Hostivice (a current journey using a bus or bus and metro used to take approximately 50 minutes, which means the journey is faster by more than 20 minutes). Chýně will be now serviced by fast and comfortable trains to Smíchov and the city centre of Prague. Train from Chýně will arrive to Smíchov Railway Station (with a change in Rudná) in 30 minutes, to Na Knížecí station without change in 42 minutes, to Masaryk Station by train (with a change in Hostivice) in 38 minutes.

The tree mentioned stops form a joint investment of the Railway Infrastructure Administration and the Regional Authority amounting approximately to 20 million Czech crowns.


Rudná Railway Stop
The new railway stop is located directly in the city centre of Rudná, serviced by trains from Smíchov Railway Station via Rudná and Nučice to Beroun (the S6 service). Thanks to the new stop, particularly travelling from Rudná to Smíchov will now become significantly faster. Trains are operated here with a half-hour interval on peak hours.

Time savings from the centre of Rudná will be now 8 minutes when travelling to Smíchov (a journey by bus and metro takes approximately 32 minutes, by train only 24 minutes). The introduction of new trains brings also very fast connections from Nučice and Rudná to Dejvice or to Kladno. A journey from Rudná to Kladno takes only 36 minutes, to Dejvice only 35 minutes.

The stop is located between Rudná and Zbuzany operated by the S6 Praha-Smíchov – Rudná u Prahy – Nučice – Beroun service. The train interval is every 30 minutes on peak hours.

Thanks to the new stop, a journey from Jinočany to Smíchov station will be by 12 minutes faster than up to now (a journey using a bus and metro takes 30 minutes, the train arrives to the same destination in 18 minutes) with no need of change.

The stops form a joint investment of the Railway Infrastructure Administration and the Regional Authority amounting approximately to 11 million Czech crowns.

The boom of suburban stops continues
Opening the new six stops is not the end of suburban transport development in Prague and its outskirts. More are going to follow soon. For example, the Kačerov railway stop is currently under construction. The station will provide a train-to-metro change from trains heading from Dobříš or Čerčany. The estimated cost is 17 million CZK; it should be completed till the end of this year. The Kačerov railway stop is part of the preparation phase for so-called tangential services which should connect the outskirts of the Capital of Prague and thus enhance the metropolitan public transport network. The introduction of public transport using a denser interval corresponding to metropolitan public transport is being considered, to be applied on railway lines from Radotín to Vysočany via Smíchov and Vršovice, from Hostivař to Holešovice via Libeň, from Vysočany to Hostivař via Malešice and from Radotín to Běchovice via Kačerov.

In scope of the construction project entitled Praha-Hostivař – Praha Main Railway Station which should be implemented within the new budget period (OPD2), new stops Praha-Zahradní Město and Eden are also in preparation. The stops should be built prospectively within the period of three years in scope of modernising the railway connection to Railway Transit Corridor IV.

A new railway stop should also be constructed in Běchovice in scope of the Prague Railway system. The stop should be located closer to the centre of Běchovice while the currently existing stop is located on its outskirts. Costs associated with its construction amount approximately to 35 million CZK. The Capital of Prague also considers building a new stop in Rajska zahrada and a second railway stop in Chýně or at the Prague Exhibition Centre.



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