Simulation of a collision on a level crossing


Another episode of the programme Stop! of the Czech Television and the BESIP department of the Ministry of Transport focusing on the prevention of a risky behaviour of some drivers on level crossings.

Plzeň, October 22 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization in cooperation with Czech Railways, joint-stock company assisted the production team of a prevention-based programme STOP! and created conditions for challenging shooting of a realistic collision of a passenger car on a level crossing. This occurred in the Czech Republic for the first time. The guarantor of the project was the BESIP department of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.

Traffic accident on a level crossing

  • Venue: Closed area of DKV, technological track, simulation of a level crossing.
  • Participants: A locomotive of the 750 series and a passenger car driven by a dummy.
  • The speed at the moment of the collision on the level crossing: 25 km/h.


The project took place in DKV Plzeň – ČD a. s. This way the production team would like to thank all ČD a.s. personnel who got involved in the preparation and the implementation of the project and without whose efforts and help it would be impossible to bring this prevention-based project of the Czech Television to life. We strongly believe that as a result of this shooting, i.e. another episode of the programme STOP! of the Czech Television and BESIP, it will help to prevent risky and irresponsible behaviour of some road traffic actors on level crossings.

The implementation of the project STOP! for the Czech Television is provided by VH Videorecords spol. s r.o.

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