Modern signalling installation secured the stop of trains in case of human error


Skuteč, 18 June 2011 – the signalling installation on the line Svitavy – Ždárec u Skutče registered an unpermitted passenger train and secured the stop of another train coming from the opposite direction.

Shortly after 8 a.m., a passenger train departed from the railway station of Skuteč although the signal did not permit it. Moreover, this train was supposed to wait for another train coming from the opposite direction. Fortunately, both engine drivers took notice of the situation and stopped their trains in time. The signalling installation still correctly reacted the moment the train got on the switch which had not been repositioned for the right direction and immediately changed the signal to „Stop“ for the oncoming train.

The modern signalling installation which has been recently installed here by the Railway Infrastructure Administration is remote-controlled by the traffic controller. Besides the mechanisms, which automatically control signals in case of unpermitted rides, the traffic controller himself can monitor unpermitted train rides on the line. By means of telecommunication device he can immediately make contact with the respective engine driver. Such a system represents another level of ensuring the rail operation safety.


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