Modernization in Sokolov completed


Modernization of the railway station Sokolov is completed

Sokolov, 11/09/2009 – There has been a festive ceremony on the occasion of the completion of the modernization of the railway station Sokolov today. Its benefits include significant enhancement of the railway transport quality including safety and reliability of the railway operation. Crucial elements for the passenger transport are a new island platform and a pedestrian underpass leading from the station building to the island platform and as far as the town district of Šenvert. The underpass can be accessed to by a staircase; there are also up-to-date lifts available for disabled people. The railway station has a new information system, a station announcement system, a clock and a surveillance camera system.

The investor of the construction was the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. Ing. Miroslav Konečný, SŽDC Deputy DG for Rail Modernization said: „The original conditions of the railway infrastructure at the railway station Sokolov did not comply with the significance of this busy traffic centre on the section Chomutov – Cheb. A number of switches were removed during the construction in order to simplify general rail scheme. The railway bridge over the Svatava river underwent challenging reconstruction. The original ballast-free steel structures (under each rail) were replaced by web-plate steel structures with through ballast bed.“

As a part of the construction, the configuration of the trackage was modified including the reconstruction of main tracks and modifications on both passenger station heads for the speed of up to 80 km/h. The construction smoothly followed up with the previously implemented electrification of the section Kadaň – Karlovy Vary (2006). The main construction works started in March 2008. There are continuous welded rails (incl. switch parts). The station has a new island platform between the rail No.1 and 2 and a side-boarding platform at the rail No. 3. Now the platforms comply with all required parameters, incl. the requirements of disabled people. There is also a new pedestrian underpass leading from the station building to the island platform and as far as the town district of Šenvert.

The contractor of the construction Modernization of the railway station Sokolov was the Association of Sokolov´s station represented by the joint-stock companies Viamont DSP and Subterra. Ing. Ondřej Novák, Chairman of Viamont DSP´s Board of Directors commented at this festive event: "It was necessary to deal with problematic substructure drainage; there were totally inconvenient platforms with the level access to trains. Also, the reconstruction of the railway bridge was unique and technically most challenging. However, thanks to brilliant coordination of parallel activities, everything turned out well.“

In terms of signalling and control systems it was necessary to replace the station electromechanical signalling installation and to create conditions for the introduction of right-directional traffic along the whole section, i.e. as far as the railway station Cheb. Also, the obsolete communication system, contact line system and lighting needed to be reconstructed. The station signalling equipment (type of the electronic interlocking ESA 11) is computer-operated from a central control place. Also, the new line signalling system was created and allowed a long-distance control of the railway station Citice. Another significant benefit is also the introduction of the right-directional traffic along the whole section, i.e. from the railway station Chomutov to the railway station Cheb. Outdoor features of the signalling equipment were newly installed. In the main station tracks there are also new 275-Hz track circuits with the coding for CTC (continuous train control) of the frequency 75 Hz. The other section of the protected trackage is equipped with an axle counter.

The contact line system consists of alternating current 25-kV system; the new contact line system makes adjustments in relation to a changed position of the rail scheme. Power-circuit wiring mainly allowed all the lighting (platforms, underpasses), wiring in technological buildings, electro-heating of the switches, cable power distribution etc.

The construction has been funded exclusively from national sources through the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure. Sokolov contributed with the amount of CZK 9 MM. The total capital costs of the construction amount to CZK 533 MM. The project documentation was developed by the company SUDOP Praha, a.s.

Basic technical data


  • Reconstruction of switches (new material): 22
  • Reconstruction of switches (used material): 3
  • Switches removal: 12 Reconstruction of rails incl. connecting parts: 4 418 m
  • Scope of substructure rehabilitation: 27 384 m2

All current S49-shape switches on main lines contain a channel sleeper with an elastic rail fastening.


  • Island: 250 m
  • Side-boarding:100 m
  • Pedestrian underpass (length): 17,985 m
  • Expansion of the underpass in the direction to the town: 17,870 m

Electric equipment

  • Installation of EHS: 24 switches
  • Installation of electro-motor point machines: 39 switches
  • Placement of switches into central point control: 39 switches
  • New contact line system: 1 800 m


  • Bridge reconstruction: 1 (on km 208,664)

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