SŽDC Called Tenders for Suppliers of Six Constructions


This week, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) called tenders for suppliers of six important constructions with investment costs exceeding CZK 8 billion. Railway stations Řetenice, Letohrad and Mikulášovice dolní nádraží are going to be reconstructed.  The lines Litvínov - Oldřichov u Duchcova and Šakvice – Hustopeče u Brna will be revitalized and electrified. One of the most costly is the second stage of the Přerov railway junction modernization.

”SŽDC as one of the most important investors in our country is currently preparing investments in various stages of project preparation for a total sum exceeding CZK 60 billion. Up to the end of the year we plan to call tenders for the implementation of constructions with total investment costs exceeding CZK 20 billion“, said Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of SŽDC and added: ”Tenders for the first six constructions were called this week with total investment costs reaching CZK 8 billion. At present, preparations for other crucial constructions are being finalized, such as the section between Soběslav and Doubí on Czech Rail Transit Corridor IV or from the Prague quarter of Smíchov to Černošice on Czech Rail Transit Corridor III“.

Overview of constructions for which SŽDC called tenders for construction suppliers and of related investment costs:

  • Revitalization and electrification of the line Oldřichov u Duchcova – Litvínov, CZK 1 billion
  • Reconstruction of Řetenice railway station, CZK 907 million
  • Reconstruction of Mikulášovice dolní nádraží railway station, CZK 121 million
  • Reconstruction of Přerov railway station, 2nd  construction, CZK 3.6 billion
  • Reconstruction of Letohrad railway station, CZK 852 million
  • Modernization and electrification of the line Šakvice - Hustopeče u Brna, CZK 1.5 billion

Revitalization and electrification of the line Oldřichov u Duchcova – Litvínov will represent complete reconstruction of the whole line. Regional passenger transport operation between Ústí nad Labem and Litvínov will thus improve considerably. The section Louka u Litvínova – Litvínov will be electrified, the remaining line section will be reconstructed, line speed will increase up to 100 kph. An integral part of the revitalization is reconstruction of the railway superstructure (tracks, switch points) and substructure, bridges and culverts, building new platforms in a height of 550 mm above the tracks, the catenary and also signalling and safety equipment (control-command).  Operation will be controlled remotely from Louka u Litvínova.

In case of Reconstruction of Řetenice railway station, the station is to be modernized together with parts of the adjoining sections in direction to Oldřichov u Duchcova and Lovosice. In Řetenicíe as such, a centre platform 120 metres long is envisaged as well as an external platform 50 metres long. Access to newly built platforms will be assured by the current footbridge completed with a staircase and two lifts. New station and line signalling equipment will be installed as well.

The object of Reconstruction of Mikulášovice dolní nádraží railway station is a modernization of station safety equipment with the objective to decrease station operation intervals. Safety equipment will be installed on the crossing with the road III/2674 near the railway stop Vilémov u Šluknova where line speed is limited today. Station safety equipment is also related to the reconstruction and adaptation of the trackage configuration to a state as required and the reconstruction of platforms to a height of 550 mm above the tracks.

The most costly construction in the Přerov junction includes reconstruction of the overtaking station Dluhonice and line sections Přerov – Prosenice, Dluhonice – Prosenice and Přerov – Dluhonice. Their parameters will be improved accordingly which will show e.g. in a line speed increase. Modern safety equipment will contribute to an operation safety improvement.  

During the reconstruction of Letohrad railway station, a new underpass will be built together with a centre platform. The station reconstruction will increase capacity of the adjoining line sections. The installation of a safety and signalling equipment will reach to Lanšperk in direction to Ústí nad Orlicí and to Žamberk in direction to Týniště nad Orlicí. Letohrad railway station will connect with its new station safety equipment in direction to Jablonné nad Orlicí to an already completed construction from 2009 to Lichkov and to the state border with Poland.

The long awaited modernization and electrification of the line Šakvice - Hustopeče u Brna includes reconstruction and complete electrification of this regional line which will allow direct connection to the corridor and a train connection to Brno without having to change. Line speed increase will also be one of the results.


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